• Souplantation

    4 starsAugust 08, 2013

    8105 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126

    Souplantation is my family's favorite restaurant. For the price you can't beat the variety and quality. However, I REALLY would like to see them add more GF items. They've made some additions recently and all of their salad dressings are GF, but usually most of the soups are not, and you can never go near the pasta, pizza, or bread items. There's still enough there to make a full meal but it gets kind of old getting the same things every time- salad, chili, potato...

  • Chipotle

    5 starsAugust 08, 2013

    8250 Mira Mesa Blvd., Unit G, San Diego, CA 92126

    Everything here is delicious!

  • Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

    5 starsAugust 08, 2013

    13215 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA 92129

    Gotta love Golden Spoon. Yum!

  • Rubio's

    5 starsAugust 08, 2013

    7836 Highlands Village Place, San Diego, CA 92129

    Delicious! Google "Rubios gluten free" to pull up their GF menu. There are several options. Everything here is very yummy.

  • YogurtLand

    5 starsAugust 08, 2013

    8220 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126

    Haven't been to this location but had a great experience at another one. Very nice that each flavor is labeled as to whether it is gluten free. Lots of flavor options, all very good tasting, and fruit toppings seemed fresh. Nice clean atmosphere. I'd go back.

  • Nutmeg Bakery & Cafe

    2 starsAugust 08, 2013

    12640 Sabre Springs Parkway #107, San Diego, CA 92128

    Kind of disappointing, though I've only tried a couple items. Fairly expensive ($3 for a brownie, $1.25 for a tiny little cake ball), and they didn't have very many GF choices in the baked goods. Also the GF brownie and cake ball that I tried didn't taste very good. Not very anxious to go back to this place, but again, I did not try any regular menu items. Cute little place though. Note for true celiacs, I'd be wary as they are not a dedicated facility and they'll tell you they can't guarantee that there's no contamination.

  • Vittorio's

    5 starsOctober 08, 2011

    7875 Highland Village Pl, San Diego, CA 92129

    $2 extra for GF pizza crust. Delicious!

  • The Old Spaghetti Factory

    2 starsJuly 24, 2011

    275 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

    Service was good. Not many options on the GF menu, but I probably should have had the chicken. The GF pasta was not very good, the marinara sauce was just "okay", and the rest was covered in some type of cheese that tasted stale. I could have had a better pasta meal at home. The pesto dressing on the house salad was good, but the salad was boring otherwise. I think the rest of my group enjoyed their non- GF meals, and I do have to say that we were surprised that it wasn't more expensive. If you're GF you won't go hungry here, but you could do better elsewhere.

  • Sprouts

    5 starsJuly 24, 2011

    11710 Carmel Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92128

    Sprouts is the best place to shop for GF items. They have more variety there than I've seen anywhere else. You'll do almost as well at Henry's, which is the same company. Everything GF has a shelf tag which is really helpful. Periodically they have a big GF sale which is a great time to stock up on non- perishable or freezable items.