• McBob's Pub & Grill

    2 starsMarch 22, 2014

    4919 West North Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208

    When I asked about gluten-free options, they looked at me like I had 3 heads and said that is the fish fry (this was not on a Friday). After some conferencing with the chef, we figured out something I could eat and it was served with bread on top. I sent it back, and still got sick. I think I got the same one twice.

  • Noodles & Company

    1 starsMarch 22, 2014

    3121 North Oakland Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53211

    I kept getting sick everytime I ate here. I took a 6 month break and came back. It took 3 tries to get my meal gluten-free, including one unfortunate bite I spit out. I got so sick. I tried a different dish at a different location, got sick there too. I am never eating at Noodles, again.

  • John's Sandwich Shop

    1 starsMarch 22, 2014

    8913 West North Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53226

    The food was fair, but I got so incredibly sick. It was so not worth it. They said the menu was built on a gluten free ideal and most of the options were customizable. However, when I ordered, it took 3 people to try to figure out if what I wanted could be made gluten free. In the end, I am sure it wasn't.

  • Stack'd Burger Bar

    1 starsSeptember 11, 2013

    170 S 1st St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

    I was super excited when I found out Stack'd had a gluten-free vegan selection. My boyfriend is a steak and potatoes kind of a guy, while I am a gluten-free vegan. It was nice to have a normal meal together with a couple of good beers. Sadly, it did not go as well as planned. What little flavor the gluten-free vegan burger had was disgusting. The vegan cheese was worse. We both got gluten-free buns. They became a soggy mess and completely fell apart. The bar was dead and the service was still terrible. I understand if it is busy, but there is no excuse for making us wait 30 minutes for a check when only three tables are occupied. To top it all off, I was sick for 3 days. There is no way the meal was gluten-free. I will not be back.