Tiffany Geisbert

About Me

After a lifetime of illness, weakened immune system, bone density problems, dermatitis herpetiformis, tummy issues, chronic fatigue and nausea, joint pain, post nasal drip, gut pain, and yada yada yada - I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2013.


  • Chipotle

    4 starsMarch 05, 2014

    781 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95678

    Oh, Chipotle. My go-to gluten-free "I don't feel like cooking" meal. Thank you for existing! This specific location is great with avoiding cross-contamination risks. The staff is always happy to change their gloves when assembling my burrito bowl or salad, and I have yet to have any issues eating here. It's not the most authentic place in the world, but it's pretty yummy and I trust it. So I will be a customer for life.

  • Baagan

    2 starsMarch 05, 2014

    910 Pleasant Grove Blvd, Suite 160, Roseville, CA 95678

    It pains me to give only two stars because my veggie sandwich was SO amazing, but I ate there on Saturday and today is Wednesday and I am still paying the price for eating somewhere without a dedicated gluten free preparation area. Baagan's website clearly states that everything on the menu is gluten free, aside from their bread and tortillas. However, almost immediately after enjoying my peanut butter cup shake and my gluten-free veggie hummus sandwich I began showing symptoms. The server was very helpful when I explained the cross-contamination concerns I had when ordering, and let me know that they would use separate knives to prep my sandwich, disinfect my prep area prior to assembling, as well as change their gloves. I even opted to not toast my sandwich since there was no way to thoroughly clean the appliances. So I was pretty bummed when my symptoms hit me. I haven't had dermatitis herpetiformis on my face since initially going fully gluten-free (until now), so I am assuming there was more than just a little bit of cross-contamination going on. I am curious to know exactly what the ingredients of the peanut butter cup shake are. Perhaps there is some hidden gluten the owners are unaware of. If you are eating gluten-free for reasons unrelated to Celiac, then I highly recommend Baagan! It is SO delicious and their gluten free bread is some of the best I have tasted! But if you have Celiac, beware.

  • Cheesecake Factory

    3 starsMarch 05, 2014

    1127 Galleria Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95678

    I crave cheesecake like, on the regular. I miss it so much! My favorite flavor is original, hands down. Unfortunately, the only gluten-free cheesecake The Cheesecake Factory offers is their Godiva chocolate cheesecake. It is not labeled gluten-free on the list of cheesecakes, which worried me, but they claim it is safe. I do not think the staff is trained on cross-contamination, as I'm pretty sure they used the same utensil to handle my cheesecake as they did to handle my husband's gluteny one. I avoided the area touched by the utensil and felt fine after eating it, but it didn't satisfy my cheesecake craving. Super rich chocolate may be some people's cup of tea, but I just don't dig it much. I plan to just stick with the little mini gluten-free cheesecakes from Whole Foods from now on.

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    4 starsMarch 05, 2014

    1190 Roseville Parkway, Roseville, CA 95678

    Because CPK had a lot of trouble with their gluten-free options in the past, the GIG came in and fully trained the chain on safe, gluten-free prep. I'm normally 100% against eating at pizza places due to the almost unavoidable risk of cross-contamination, but after hearing about their changes, I wanted to try it. So, after talking with the staff, I learned that you can order any of their pizzas on a gluten free crust, but that the only ones they can guarantee are absolutely gluten free (prepared in a separate area, cooked in a separate space, etc) are the ones listen on the gluten free menu. (I think there were 4 available.) The pizza was pretty decent (I had the BBQ Chicken) and I didn't get sick, but it wasn't the greatest thing in the world. Still, I'm always excited to find a safe place to enjoy a bite out with friends! Places like that are few and far between for me!

  • Dad's Kitchen

    4 starsMarch 05, 2014

    2968 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818

    I was super nervous to try this place, since I have had very little luck avoiding cross-contamination issues when eating out anywhere without a gluten-free kitchen. After getting a recommendation from the owner of Pushkin's Bakery, however, I decided to give it a go. I was very clear with my server about my Celiac Disease and he seemed pretty knowledgeable and understanding. I ordered the burger with gluten free bread and no sides (the fries are made in a shared fryer). The burger was HUGE! And so delicious! I had no symptoms after enjoying it, either! I would definitely try this place again, always being extremely careful to talk to the staff about my needs.

  • Pushkin's Bakery

    5 starsMarch 05, 2014

    1820 29th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

    Oh. Em. Gee. This place is amazing! Before diagnosis, I never really cared for sweets and baked goods. Now that I can't have them, though, I crave them like always. When I found Pushkin's it was like my dreams came true! I am in love with their banana walnut bread and cannot wait to try the various other breads! I 100% recommend this place to everyone - Celiac or not!

  • Gluten Free Specialty

    5 starsMarch 05, 2014

    2612 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816

    Walking through this store was like walking in gluten free heaven! How exciting to have a place to shop where I can eat anything on the shelves! No need to Google any new product the way I have to do in a regular store. I will definitely be returning here!

  • Mayahuel

    3 starsMarch 05, 2014

    1200 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

    I was so excited to find a Mexican restaurant with gluten free options! They have gluten-free items clearly labeled on the menu and the servers seem to be educated on it. However, I wish I had asked more questions before trusting Mayahuel completely. I ordered the chips and guacamole and a bowl of their (delicious!) poblano soup. I should have been thorough in checking to ensure the chips are made in a dedicated fryer. The soup came with what I thought was a corn tortilla strip as garnish, but when I took a bite it tasted more like a flour strip? I'm not exactly sure, but a day later I am having a symptom flare-up, which I have not had since going strict gluten free. I may try Mayahuel again, because having a place to go out with friends to (without getting sick) is so important to me, but next time I will need to be much more thorough and ask plenty more questions. If I do, I will update with another review. The food was amazing! If you are not a Celiac and eat gluten-free for other reasons, I definitely recommend this place!