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*Dx'd 13 years ago but I feel that what is the point of having a life if I don't have a life so I eat out sometimes. *I believe that a restaurant has only two things to offer - food and service, which are a requirement. With celiac, eating out can be a chance so I am as cautious as possible.


  • Ninety Nine

    5 starsSeptember 30, 2013

    699 Merrill Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201

    We were on vacation and our hotel was near the Pittsfield, MA location. We ate there three times in five days! The staff were very concerned with our well being and good food! The first time, we ordered the food to go and it was so fabulous we went back two more times! We both ordered off the Gluten Free Menu - the All Star burger with the gluten free buns every time, with the loaded mashed potatoes and/or the loaded baked potato. We even shared a great hot fudge sundae once. It was wonderful! We wish we had a Ninety Nine restaurant near us!

  • Baba Louie's

    5 starsSeptember 30, 2013

    34 Depot St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

    Great food, great service, fair prices, amazing gluten free desserts. Two celiacs shared one small salad and one gluten free pizza and we loved it! For dessert? A gluten free blondie (which was amazing but more like a banana nut cake) and a gluten free lemon cheesecake which was fabulous!

  • Flavours Restaurant

    5 starsSeptember 30, 2013

    75 North St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

    Extremely accommodating, friendly, and knowledgeable staff! Excellent gluten free food, fabulous service.

  • Casa Del Sol

    4 starsSeptember 15, 2013

    104 Main St, Nyack, NY 10960

    I was very disappointed to learn that the restaurant does not have a dedicated gluten free fryer. I couldn't eat the chips nor have a hard shell corn taco. I was uncomfortable as soon as I was told the ingredients were gluten free but that it depends on how sensitive I am as far as what I could have... However, when I said that I had celiac disease, the waitress checked with the chef to make sure that everything I ordered would be gluten free. I wound up ordering a plate of seasoned rice and seasoned, sliced steak (two sides). The waitress said that if I wanted a taco, that perhaps the chef could grill a corn tortilla for me. I think I'll try that next time if the grill isn't contaminated. I would definitely go there again and that says it all. All a restaurant has to offer is food and service, and this restaurant had both as far as I am concerned. However, I would definitely make sure that I specified that I had celiac disease and I would not eat anything that was fried in the fryer, including the chips :( All the wait staff are familiar with gluten free because the owner's son is gluten free but I am not sure that he has celiac disease. Whoever posted that there was a dedicated fryer and dedicated kitchen space, obviously does not have celiac disease because neither of those things are true. But the kitchen is accommodating and the staff is excellent! I'd recommend it!