• Jimmy John's

    1 starsJanuary 25, 2014

    5850 Blaine Avenue East, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 55077

    CELIACS DO NOT EAT HERE! I'd give it zero if I could. As a past employee, I can assure you there is NO WAY to avoid being gluten-ed here. Yes, even with an unwich, yes even with different boards and knives.The cross-contamination is crazy. First, some of the meats still contain gluten, and many employees won't be able to tell you which ones (roast beef, cheese, all are sketchy though). Second, all ingredients meet the same utensils at one point or another: the same meat slicer, the same bins on the cold table, the same cutting boards, spatulas, etc. Third, bread crumb EVERYWHERE. Employees touch bread, then grab lettuce/tomatoes for said sandwich, then continue to touch bread. AKA gluten in all of the produce. Fourth, about 90% of the employees are not going to understand celiac. They won't have a inhibition as to what to do to avoid cross contamination. I'm telling you, if you've been "fine" eating here before as a celiac, you may want to ask your doctor if you're really celiac. There is no possible way. Please do yourself a solid and avoid. ASIDE from its being unfriendly to celiacs, this place is truly golden. 5 stars otherwise.