• Zoes Kitchen

    3 starsMay 04, 2014

    2960 Zelda Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106

    We have eaten at Zoe's on Zelda many times, but today was not a good experience. We ordered the Shrimp Kabob split and it came to our table on one plate. The waiter knew it should have been split, but he did not offer to take it back to the kitchen and have it split it on two plates. I gave the instructions to the checker twice but she was having difficulty hearing me due to the loud music, the loud drink/ice machine and the conversation in the restaurant along with orders being shouted to the kitchen. It appeared that the kitchen/restaurant was sorely understaffed. We will probably go back but give explicit instructions to the checker to split the order on two plates. I understand from the waiter that the checker forgot to put the instructions on the ticket. We will not order the shrimp again because it was very tough. We will stick with the chicken kabob and ask that it be cooked while we wait without all the black pepper (too much black pepper for one dish).