Paula Petersen


  • Outback Steakhouse

    1 starsMarch 09, 2014

    4619 Redwood Drive, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

    We had to ask for the gluten free menu. I order classic burger on this menu. I had just been in the hospital for eight days because of my allergy to wheat. My order came. I took a bit out of it. The bun tasted different the gluten free. I asked if it was gluten free. The waitress grab the burger to check with the cook if there was gluten in the meal. Well, she came back with a hamburger patty with cheese , (no bun, lettuce, tomatoes or pickles. I was offered a side dish of my choice. I had bread in my car, so I ran out to the car, got my bread asked for mayo and mustard. I had my cheeseburger and a salad. I got charge for the regular classic cheese burger over $9.00. I will not go back. I could easily ended up back in the hospital and I don't feel I should have paid regular price for the meal that I had to bring in my own bread. This is a dangerous place for Gluten Free costomers.