• Crystal's Kitchen

    2 starsOctober 19, 2013

    4 S Main St, West Bridgewater, MA 02379

    Caution to those with Celiac (like me). Be very clear on what they mean by gluten free. I had spoken with Crystal by phone before going and felt fairly confident. i asked the server if I might order a new dish that was not on the GF menu, but seemed like an easy one to make so (no obvious danger). Told him I had Celiac disease, which he said he knew about. He checked with kitchen and was told it would work. Trouble was: one part of the dish was deep fried (not clear from menu) and they don't have a dedicated GF fryer. It took a bit of explaining to the server as to why that was a problem. So: he knew something - but not enough - about Celiac. Ask the usual 20 questions before you order. I was advised by the owner (who was not apologetic) to stick to the GF menu in future. You bet - assuming I ever go back. Don't go "off-menu" regardless of what you hear or read about how many dishes can be prepared GF. The restaurant is clean and food quite good. Servers friendly. Very crowded for lunch on the day I went , waited 20 minutes for a table. I am going to rate as Celiac Friendly, but wish I could qualify that.