• Ted's Montana Grill

    1 starsApril 03, 2014

    7301 S Santa Fe Dr #610, Littleton, CO 80120

    I don't write reviews but here goes...most horrible experience for a celiac at Ted's - ordered a cocktail that on the menu which listed Tito's vodka- I watched the bartender pour Kettle One - I asked her when she put it in front of me if it was Tito's and she said no - I gave you an upgrade...I told her I had Celiac and ordered the advertised drink because it listed Tito's as the vodka- she gave me a dirty look and said I guess I can make you a new one... Had I not seen her I would be sick.... We then were seated and I spoke extensively with the waiter about my gluten issues and cross contamination - ordered my salad from the gluten free menu with a bison burger on top...when it was served I took a bite of the burger and then noticed the salad under it was covered in croutons and I was shocked. I asked to send it back and the waiter said sorry and returned within 1 min- same burger (with my bite missing) and salad- they took the croutons off!!!! What??? I have celiac! I'm not on a fad diet - cross contamination is very dangerous to me and will make me sick for days/weeks and wreaks havoc on my body and damages my organs! Don't claim to be gluten free and not know what it means or not train your kitchen or staff! If someone had an allergy to peanuts and they were served food with peanuts it in it and the person went into anaphylactic shock and died - legal action might make Ted's think twice about how to seriously accommodate dietary requirements- I don't mind going out and having limited options with my dietary needs but do have a problem with it not being taken seriously- will NOT be back- P.S. had to give one star because it would not let me submit- I would give it no stars if that were an option...FYI TED- fix it!