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Celiac, diagnosed in March 2013. After a year long painful recovery from extensive intestinal damage, I still fear restaurants...


  • Doc Ford's Fort Myers Beach

    5 starsJune 21, 2015

    708 Fishermans Wharf, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

    Impressed. The GF menu is huge with a variety of fantastic options. After I gave the waiter my order and before I could spit out my celiac routine & questions, the waiter asked if I was ordering for dietary preference or a medical condition because the chef would need to know if my food needs to be prepared in a separate area. Whoa! Never had someone offer up this information before. I always have to initiate the (often awkward) conversation so this proactive approach on the restaurants part was pretty exciting. The food was awesome, best fish tacos I've ever had. It's the day after and I'm in the clear, no issues. A great celiac find!

  • Milestones Grill and Bar

    5 starsMay 31, 2015

    229 South Civic Center Drive, Columbus, OH 43215

    I was in C-bus last night for the Rolling Stones concert. Nervous about eating at a restaurant I've never been to before, I asked to speak to the chef. The chef came to the table and went through the menu with me and answered my questions. After speaking with him I felt comfortable choosing a meal and it was insanely delicious!! (Salmon entree which I thought would be safe yet bland....had rice and lemon creamy sauce and other holy cow awesome flavors). I tried my fiancé's shrimp and grits which is also GF and it was off the charts stinking good! I'm a sensitive celiac who did not get sick, BTW. There is not a GF menu but if you're unsure about eating here, just ask to speak with the chef. ;)

  • Maggiano's

    5 starsSeptember 08, 2014

    7875 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45236

    As mentioned in other reviews, the chef comes out to talk to you about the GF options and to make sure you are comfortable with how your food is being prepared. I've never had issues eating here except that I over eat and complain about being overstuffed... It's the "good" kind of bloating! ;-) This is one of the only places I will add "celiac friendly" to the rating.

  • LaRosa's Pizzeria

    5 starsSeptember 08, 2014

    7756 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255

    GF Pizza dough arrives at Larosas chains pre packaged in individual medium sized pans (this is why only medium size is available). There is no handling of the dough & no shared pans (yay!). Toppings are added and run thru the oven with other pizzas so there is a chance of cross contamination. That being said, I've ordered pizza from the Beechmont location 3-4 times and have had no issues! I am very sensitive and selective about where I eat. When you place your order make sure you tell the person taking the order about your sensitivity (I explain that I'm celiac, need the manager to be made aware, and need folks to change gloves and take extra precautions when handling my pizza). Never had a problem and.... IT TASTES LIKE LAROSA'S!! What I remember it tastes like anyway... ;) Only wish Hyde Park location had GF option. Oh....to have pizza delivered again.....

  • The Smokehouse

    5 starsSeptember 05, 2014

    34 Palmetto Bay Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

    Usually if I leave a review it's regarding the safety of the foods/restaurant/staff as that is a celiac's main concern or 'fear' when eating out. I absolutely felt safe eating here! Without question! The gluten free menu is extensive and there are disclaimers regarding contamination issues in fryers. Never seen this before. Now, onto the food. HOLY COW! Soooooooooo good! I didn't feel like I was eating a gluten-free meal, I felt like I was eating a meal...a real BBQ dinner... and I was in heaven! I just finished my left overs and thinking about going back before we return to Cincinnati. BTW, anyone from Cincinnati or familiar with Montgomery Inn, The Smokehouse blows them out of the water, so to speak. ;-)

  • P.F. Chang's

    5 starsJune 19, 2014

    2633 Edmondson Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209

    Wonderful! Staff has been very knowledgable & attentive to strict dietary restrictions. Plates are different for gluten free dishes and each item brought to the table is stated to be "gluten free" or not gluten free so there is clear communication throughout the dining experience. I've never gotten sick, no cross-contamination issues so far (knock on wood). This is one of the very few places I'll eat outside my home. (Hyde Park location)

  • Mitchell's Fish Market

    1 starsJune 16, 2014

    Newport on the Levee, 1 Levee Way, Newport, KY 41071

    After explaining my condition to the waiter, I asked him to alert the chef AND double check my order before bringing it out. I ordered the g-free Shanghi style tilapia. When they brought it out I thought the soy sauce smelled WAY too good to be true so I insisted that the waiter double check gluten-free status with the chef. And the verdict... It was not gluten free. Brought me a "regular" order with wheat soy sauce. Should have known better when the waiter said he'd never heard of "that disease" before. Haven't eaten at a restaurant in 6 months but wanted so badly tonight to celebrate my fiancé's birthday along with the rest of the family. Sick & tired of going out to dinner and having a glass of water. Gluten free menus and restaurants that have them tend to support the fad, not the celiac. (Otherwise the staff would be properly trained). False hope just sucks.

  • LaRosa's Pizzeria

    5 starsMarch 30, 2014

    2111 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230

    Ordered pizza for carry out. Pizza was cooked in its own disposable pan, the pan was placed directly in the box so it was not transferred with other utensils. The box was sealed shut by a GFree sticker. Pizza tasted very much like their regular pizza!! (Diagnosed only 1 year ago, memory of regular pizza is pretty fresh..) I ate my GF pizza in silence simply to savor every bite!! And I didn't get sick!!! Thank you Larosa's for doing it right! You made this celiac very VERY happy!!

  • Naked Pizza

    2 starsNovember 21, 2013

    3646 Edwards Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208

    Ordered gluten free pizza from Hyde Park twice, got sick both times. This last pizza triggered a full blown autoimmune attack (celiac), in bed & in pain for a week. Was unsure if their pizza made me sick the first time so I was hopeful and ordered again...which was dumb, I know. Not worth the risk for celiacs. There is a cross contamination disclaimer on their website so I give them props for that (but it should be better displayed in a darker/legible color). Great pizza, fast service, but sadly it's not safe for celiacs. :-(