Karen grey


  • Naked Pizza

    1 starsOctober 21, 2013

    417 Ramsay Way, Kent, WA 98032

    I have gone to naked pizza twice and both times it was a disasters. I battle celics disease and have to stick to a gluten free diet, if a pizza place is going to advertise that they make a gluten free dough then it had better be just as good as their regular dough. I now go to Bison Creek for my pizza. They make an awesome dough and there gluten free pizzas are cooked separately from the non gluten free dough. I will never go to naked pizza again, I will not recommend it to my friends or family. A pizza place should be able to make the gluten free crusts taste the same as the non gf, I ended up getting sick after I had eaten one of there pies. I had the filling that the gf crust was backed on the same sheet the had just had a regular crust on. This please needs to think about the costumes needs. I don't like walking into an restaurant and get the feeling that the teenage staff is just there killing time until there shift ends. It's disrespectful to us the costumes and mostly it's disrespectful to the owner. Thank you for reading this,