• Ninety Nine

    5 starsApril 01, 2014

    60 D'Amante Drive, Triangle Park, Concord, NH 03301

    I have been here twice now. The manager, Jesse, is very knowledgeable and careful with allergies. He always confess over to double check the allergies, etc. one time I wanted a baked potato; since they spray them with a refined soy oil he came to talk to me and we agreed I would have a microwaved "naked one". This last time he let me know that he could not get confirmation on the gf buns as to whether or not there was soy in then. So I decided to go without the bun. They gave me double broccoli and sauteed my veggies in water:) they have a gf menu. It may not be tons, but they do a great job trying to ensure to the best of their ability that what they are doing adheres to guidelines. I will say maybe a year our so ago they weren't as knowledgeable. But twice now it's been wonderful!