• Monument Cafe

    5 starsMay 25, 2014

    500 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626

    A little bit of an issue with a new waiter, but otherwise this place is lovely. Pretty much everything on the menu can be made gf. They can fry anything gf (I was really excited that somewhere not all the way downtown has gf chicken strips!), have gf buns, and have gf pancakes. They also have an amazing chocolate pie with a pecan crust. I highly recommend this place. However, they did explain that they didn't have a dedicated kitchen area so it isn't recommended for celiac's or anyone with extreme sensitivities.

  • Torchy's Tacos

    5 starsMay 22, 2014

    2150 East Palm Valley Boulevard #100, Round Rock, TX 78664

    Torchy's is delicious! They offer corn tortillas for everything. They have a GF menu which includes about half of the normal menu and everything is tasty. Also, the queso is already GF which is AMAZING. The cashier was super helpful as well

  • Manhattan Pie Co.

    3 starsMay 22, 2014

    3010 Williams Dr #118, Georgetown, TX 78628

    They offer gluten free pizzas. Unfortunately they are only offered in the small size. Any pizza on the menu can be done with the GF crust. There was no info about the toppings, which was fine for me as NCGS but may be an issue for those with celiac or who are extremely sensitive.

  • Nancy's Sky Garden

    5 starsMay 07, 2014

    501 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626

    Nearly their entire menu is gluten free. The only thing that contains gluten is a few of the sauces, which is clearly stated on the menu. The food is very tasty and the restaurant has a great atmosphere.

  • Herbery Natural Foods

    1 starsMay 01, 2014

    3415 Williams Dr, Georgetown, TX 78628


  • Fish City Grill

    4 starsMay 01, 2014

    1019 W University Ave #1025, Georgetown, TX 78628

    Offers a gluten free menu, with a nice variety of seafood. When I inquired about certain spices, the waiter was totally willing to check with the chef for me.

  • Thundercloud Subs

    5 starsMay 01, 2014

    814 S Main St, Georgetown, TX 78626

    They have gluten free buns for their sandwiches, and bring out a specially cutting board for anyone concerned with cross contamination.