• California Pizza Kitchen

    1 starsMarch 22, 2014

    300 Monticello Avenue, #149, Norfolk, VA 23510

    This was my first experience with California Pizza. At first it seemed very promising, but that didn't last long. After we sat at our table we noticed how close the next table was to us and the only way to get to the customers behind was to walk through. It was maybe a 2 1/2ft gap. So to have the employees walking within brushing your side's isn't pleasant. The menu looked really good so ordered a gluten free mushroom pizza. Once biting into it the topping were nice and hot but the dough was cold and uncooked. Told my waitress and she brought over the manager and he said I can have another right to you. Before bringing it out he told me the issue was that they get their gluten free dough frozen and they forgot to thaw it out! So he said that they would warm it up before placing it in the oven. After getting my second pizza it ended up being the same exact way, hot topping-cold dough. The manager was very nice and compted the pizza and apologized so the management is ok. As far as preparing the food I can say I don't think that they are gluten free certified or at least will not be returning to find out if they get better in the future.