• Pie Five Pizza Co.

    1 starsJuly 12, 2014

    2266 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37214

    My family came on opening day, and I was hopeful from the reviews on other Pie Five locations around the country that they would be able to cater to the gluten free diet. That said, they used the same ingredient bins that are used with the gluten pizzas, and did not seem to understand cross-contamination (they did change their gloves, used a different tray for the pizza crust that was wrapped in plastic and opened in front of you, and the pizza was put in a to-go box instead of a tray). This may be due to it being opening-day and not having much experience yet. If they started using fresh ingredients from unopened bins and were more careful, then it might be an option.When all was said and done, my husband and step-son loved their gluten pizzas and side salads (they have a great bundle option), but I ultimately decided not to take the risk and took the pizza home for my husband to eat the next day. I was torn between wanting to try the pizza and avoiding being sick. It wasn't an "if" I would end up sick, as I saw the ingredient bins and knew there wasn't a chance I would walk away unaffected. It just wasn't worth it, so I couldn't even tell you if the pizza crust was any good.Overall, I do NOT recommend for Celiacs or those who are very sensitive. It's more cost effective to pick up a frozen Against the Grain pizza (which is larger anyway and thicker crust) and cook it at home.