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Diagnosed with celiac disease in July 2013 and completely GF ever since! My younger sister and boyfriend also both have celiac disease, and we are always looking for new (and celiac friendly) restaurants to try out.


  • Red Robin

    5 starsSeptember 12, 2014

    290 Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA 02035

    The last 3 times I've been to this Red Robin location (all in the last year) gluten free buns were available and the staff assured me that fries were fried in a separate fryer. (I didn't have any reaction after eating them so I assume this is true.) Red Robin has a really helpful gluten free menu online now that lists all foods that can be made GF and what substitutions beyond the bun need to be made (if any). I was so excited to be able to eat their Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich again!

  • Twist Bakery & Cafe

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    30 Milliston Rd, Millis, MA 02054

    Amazing. Would recommend to anyone on a GF diet. Safe for allergies/celiac disease. Everything I've eaten here has been so good, and there is absolutely no worry about cross contamination!

  • Jake n Joes

    4 starsAugust 05, 2014

    25 Foxborough Boulevard, Foxboro, MA 02035

    I really like the GF menu here! It's nice to find a laid-back, moderately priced GF option. There's GF beer and a good selection of GF pizza, burgers, and pasta. I usually get the pizza--it's not the best I've ever had, but I like it. My biggest complaint is that the restaurant can be very noisy around dinnertime--but this is a sports bar, so it's to be expected I guess!

  • The Carriage House Pizzeria

    1 starsAugust 05, 2014

    21 S Main St, Sharon, MA 02067

    Their menu lists GF pizza and sandwich options. I ordered a GF pizza a few weeks ago, and first of all, I was disappointed at how tiny it was compared to the normal pizzas--especially because it cost more! It definitely would not feed more than one person. The pizza was only okay. And then I got REALLY sick within an hour or two of eating it, so obviously they've got cross contamination issues. Might be okay if you're GF by preference or have mild sensitivity, but if you have celiac disease or a more severe sensitivity, I would strongly recommend you to stay away.

  • Thai Boo Cuisine

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    712 Washington Street, Norwood, MA 02062

    Small GF menu but very very good! I've tried the pad thai, chicken satay, and red curry and I was impressed.

  • Sky

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    1369 Boston-Providence Turnpike, Norwood, MA 02062

    Possibly my favorite GF menu in the area. It's on the pricey side, but the food is SO good. There's a wide variety of GF options, including pizza, sandwiches, and other entrees/appetizers. They bring GF bread before your meal and are very careful about allergies. Some GF options cost slightly more than non-GF counterparts but that's to be expected. Everything I've eaten there has been excellent!

  • British Beer Company

    4 starsAugust 05, 2014

    85 Providence Hwy, East Walpole, MA 02032

    I was pretty impressed with the GF menu. There's GF beer as well as a selection of burgers, sandwiches, pizza, etc. I had the chicken quesadilla app, which was great, and the mahi sandwich, also pretty good. The rolls taste similar to Udi's hamburger buns, but they're bigger, which I was happy about--so many restaurants use smaller, flimsy GF substitutes for things like hamburger rolls. Downsides: no GF fries (shared fryer) and there's some possibility for cross contamination here. My sister and I both have celiac disease and did not get sick but it's not a totally GF environment, which they have a warning about on their GF menu.

  • Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

    4 starsAugust 05, 2014

    95 Washington Street, Canton, MA 02021

    Pretty good frozen yogurt. Toppings are marked with "GF" if they are gluten free.

  • Alice's Mandarin Taste

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    37 Pond St, Sharon, MA 02067

    It can be really hard to find GF Chinese food, so I was really excited to find some so close to home! There are a LOT of options here, and everything I've had has been delicious. Everyone here seems to take gluten allergies pretty seriously, and I've never gotten sick from the food in all of the (many) times I've eaten it. When you order food for takeout here, they even mark boxes containing GF food with little "Gluten Free" stickers, so if you placed a large order with GF and non-GF food, you know exactly which ones are GF.

  • All Hands in the Cookie Jar

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    Collegeville, PA 19426

    No location that you can actually visit, but she delivers orders to your home and is at several local farmers' markets during the summertime. Hands down, the BEST GF desserts you can get in the area. She can also accommodate other allergies like dairy and nuts. I have never tasted something from this baker that isn't delicious. Her mint brownies are so so good, and I also loved her pumpkin recipes (especially the muffins) that she made last fall. Highly recommend!!!

  • Thai Basil Bistro

    4 starsAugust 05, 2014

    305 2nd Ave, Collegeville, PA 19426

    No gluten free menu here, but the owner/staff are pretty knowledgeable about wheat and gluten and can modify many dishes to be gluten free. I've had pad thai and pineapple fried rice modified, and both were quite good.

  • Red Robin

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    Providence Town Center, 140 Market St, Collegeville, PA 19426

    I'm a big fan of Red Robin's new GF menu. The last time I went to this location, the menu had been "digitized," so you can either look it up on a smartphone or request the restaurant's iPad, which I found a lot easier. The new online menu allows you to filter all menu items by dietary restrictions. Then it tells you exactly what needs to be changed for each item (most burgers, for example, tell you to substitute the bun for GF bun, and some might tell you to take off a certain sauce). The GF bun is pretty standard (and costs an extra dollar or 2) but there are plenty of delicious burgers and salads to choose from. The last time I was there, I also learned that they do have an allergen-safe fryer, but I think you have to specify that you want allergen-free fries when you order because it sounded like they have a non-GF fryer as well.

  • Sublime Cupcakes

    4 starsAugust 05, 2014

    141 Market Street #1, Providence Town Center, Collegeville, PA 19426

    They offer 2 GF flavors (black & white, and PB cup) on Sundays. As far as I know, they're prepared separately from other cupcakes--I have celiac and I've never gotten sick. Only real complaint is lack of variety...the GF cupcake flavors never change and they look a little boring when you see them laid out next to all of the cool non-GF flavors. Not quite as good as the GF options at ICED by Betsy in Royersford, but still tasty and it's a very convenient location (Providence Town Center).

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    470 Mall Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA 19406

    No idea why the rating for this is so low. CPK now offers GF pizza and it is possibly the best I've ever had. 4 pizza flavors (including BBQ chicken and margherita) can be prepared in a separate area and are celiac safe. The manager handles all orders for those with allergies. These GF pizzas cost a little more than the non-GF but they are about the same size (pretty big, I can usually only eat about half). A few other GF appetizers are marked on the normal menu, including their white corn guac and chips, which was great. Furthermore, ALL of their pizzas can actually be prepared on GF crust--they just can't prepare these in a separate area. So if you have a milder intolerance rather than celiac disease, you'd have even more pizza options.

  • ICED by Betsy

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    145 Main Street, Royersford, PA 19468

    I've never been to the actual Royersford bakery BUT I used to see them at the Collegeville Farmers Market when I lived in the area. They would usually have 5 or 6 flavors available at the market and always had 1 or 2 that were available GF. The GF flavors always changed each week and they were always really delicious, and they were the same size and price as the normal cupcakes. One time when I purchased cupcakes, the man who sold them to me (Betsy's husband, maybe?) mentioned that he cannot eat gluten either, which may be why they consistently have so many great GF options.

  • Elevation Burger

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    201 Plaza Dr, Collegeville, PA 19426

    Their burgers are DELICIOUS and can always be ordered in a lettuce wrap. As far as I know, all toppings are GF (you might have to double check on the "Elevation sauce"). Their fries are GF as well since they're the only thing the fryer is used for.

  • Wegmans

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    600 Commerce Drive, Collegeville, PA 19426

    The most amazing GF selection of any grocery store I've ever been to, I absolutely 100% recommend...I just wish they had one closer to where I live now! If you go there for a meal, their pre-cooked food section also clearly marks food items not containing gluten. However, the signs always state that there are "no gluten ingredients" and imply that most of the food is prepared in shared prep areas. I've never gotten sick after eating there, but definitely something for those with high sensitivity to watch out for.

  • Kiwi Frozen Yogurt

    4 starsAugust 05, 2014

    250 Plaza Dr, Collegeville, PA 19426

    One of my favorite frozen yogurt places. Most of the flavors are GF and are marked as such. Many toppings are GF too, although they are unmarked and kept in a shared area, so there's obviously a risk of CC. I've never had a problem eating there, though.

  • Zoes Kitchen

    4 starsAugust 05, 2014

    Suite 6, 161 Market Street, Pennsylvania 19426

    Great Mediterranean food! Good gluten free selection (including kabobs, salads, and sides) and everything gluten free is clearly marked on the menu. Some GF selections originally come with pita bread on the side so you have to clarify that you want it GF. They are generally knowledgeable and accomodating if you say you have an allergy/celiac. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5: I once ordered a GF meal for pickup, my boyfriend went to get our food and when he returned, I realized that instead of what I had ordered, I had been given a wrap (obviously not what I ordered since it had gluten). When we went back, they reimbursed us for the meal and gave me a free souvenir cup along with my new meal. They dealt with it appropriately, but a little frustrating nonetheless.

  • The Lite Choice

    5 starsAugust 05, 2014

    121 Market St, PA 19426

    This place is a great find! ALL of their scoopable ice cream and soft serve is GF, and they even have GF ice cream cones above request (only ice cream place I know that has them). Some toppings are not GF so there could be a small risk of cross contamination if you want toppings with your ice cream, but I've never had a reaction after eating here.