• Fogo de Chao

    3 starsAugust 26, 2015

    8250 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063

    Manager didn't tell me everything that had gluten in it because I avoided all of the foods he said, but I still definitely got gluten some how. Food tastes great, but definitely made me very sick afterwards, and for 2 people at lunch on a week day and no extra anything except we had 2 teas, it was $100. not worth it for getting sick.

  • Papa Joe's Italian Restaurant

    5 starsAugust 26, 2015

    6244 Spring Lake Highway, Brooksville, FL 34601

    LOVE THEIR PIZZA! Had pepperoni, olive, and feta cheese (it's normally 2 toppings only but then the crust, I think, gets too crispy, 3 toppings is best for me, they will do it at request) It was, by far, the BEST gluten free pizza I have ever had! Amazing! The rest of my family loved their meals too, definitely a great place, and all the waiters I had were knowledgable!

  • Torchy's Tacos

    5 starsJune 03, 2015

    10123 Louetta Rd #1400, Houston, TX 77070

    Best Tacos Ever! So many choices! Love this place!

  • Alamo Drafthouse

    3 starsFebruary 27, 2015

    531 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450

    Food is not very good. Pizza is bland and just isn't good. I love the movies they show, but they just aren't good with the gluten free food.

  • Carino's

    3 starsFebruary 27, 2015

    19820 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77065

    They do have a gluten free menu with actual gluten free options, including gluten free pasta choices. Most of the waiters are aware of gluten when you tell them. I did not get sick when I went there, although the gluten free options were a little bland and didn't taste very good.

  • Studio Movie Grill

    5 starsFebruary 27, 2015

    8580 Highway 6 North, Houston, TX 77095

    They have finally changed their menu again to show that they do serve gluten free items (such as pizza crusts and buns). They change their menus frequently, so always ask every time you go. Gluten free pizza and nachos are awesome.

  • Romano's Macaroni Grill

    2 starsDecember 15, 2014

    7607 FM 1960 Rd. W, Houston, TX 77070

    The food tasted good, only have an allergen menu, but they still had cross contamination and the waiters were not very knowledgeable, and the food still made me sick.

  • P.F. Chang's

    4 starsDecember 15, 2014

    18250 Tomball Parkway, Houston, TX 77070

    Pretty good food and the waiters are aware of gluten when you order it. they have a good selection of gluten free options ranging from mild to spicy. wait staff is friendly and nice.

  • Gringo's Mexican Kitchen

    3 starsDecember 15, 2014

    27030 Northwest Fwy, Cypress, TX 77429

    Not a lot of gluten free choices and staff is not very knowledgeable. The food was okay but not that great

  • Spring Creek Barbeque

    4 starsDecember 15, 2014

    25831 Northwest Freeway, Cypress, TX 77429

    Great food! Fries are not gluten free, they told me they were fried with the breaded okra. The chicken wasn't that great but everything else was very good!

  • Pei Wei

    1 starsDecember 15, 2014

    12020 FM 1960 West, Houston, TX 77065

    Very few gluten free options. This location is not very clean and they are very rude. Gluten free food was bland and didn't taste good at all. I do not recommend eating here.

  • Goode Co. Texas Barbeque

    2 starsDecember 15, 2014

    20102 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77065

    The food was bland and even though I said I was gluten free they tried to give me bread anyway. They had no idea when I said I was gluten free. They didn't clean anything off and staff was very rude. The coleslaw was the good and the chicken was pretty good too. The ribs were rubbery and hard to eat.

  • Carrabba's

    3 starsDecember 15, 2014

    7540 Hwy 6 North, Houston, TX 77095

    they do have a gluten free menu, but they do not have any gluten free pasta or anything like that. I got sick from choosing things on their gluten free menu because there were still traces of gluten in the food. So now I order a salad here when I come because that is the one thing that is usually safe. Some staff is super knowledgeable, some have no idea and always get gluten free orders wrong. Manager is great and helpful. Gluten free desserts are really awesome!

  • Chick-fil-A

    3 starsDecember 15, 2014

    8440 Highway 6 N, Houston, TX 77095

    Can only eat fries and grilled chicken strips. I had no problems until they put a breaded chicken nugget in my fries one time. Friendly staff, but not careful about cross contamination.

  • Jason's Deli

    3 starsDecember 15, 2014

    Highway 6 and 529, Houston, TX 77084

    They do have pretty good gluten free bread for the sandwiches and some good gluten free chips. Great salad bar with lots of options! Some of the salad bar is organic too which is great! Only thing is, they usually always mess up the order at this location.

  • Russo's New York Pizzeria

    2 starsDecember 15, 2014

    19817 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77065

    They have okay tasting pizza, but I did get sick from it afterwards. Probably some traces of gluten. They always burn the crust too. Not knowledgable and not very friendly

  • Locatelli's Pizza

    4 starsDecember 15, 2014

    13215 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429

    The pizza tastes amazing, and it's fairly cheap for gluten free pizza. I did get sick afterwards, but not terribly. They don't have a dedicated kitchen space so I wouldn't call this place celiac friendly

  • Adriatic Cafe & Italian Grill

    5 starsDecember 06, 2014

    17402 Northwest Fwy, Jersey Village, TX 77040

    Amazing! Not many choices, but the few choices they do have are just awesome! I love this place!

  • Mellow Mushroom

    5 starsJuly 21, 2014

    16000 Stuebner Airline Road, Spring, TX 77379

    Really great pizza! Sadly, some toppings that you would think are gluten free (example: pineapple) are not gluten free. Also, the salads are okay, not fantastic. A little pricy, but not too bad. Staff is knowledgable and are always willing to help! Groovy place, love the art and atmosphere!

  • Chipotle

    5 starsMay 11, 2014

    13313 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77065

    I love chipotle! They have such great food! I don't bother with the gluten free corn tortillas though (because they are GMO) but their burrito bowls are fantastic!

  • Ruggles Green

    5 starsDecember 24, 2013

    801 Town and Country Blvd, Houston, TX 77024

    Amazing food! They even put a little card on my plate that said it was gluten free! The atmosphere is really good here and you can get almost anything gluten free! My brothers loved the food too, I can't wait to bring the whole family! Wonderful place!

  • Outback Steakhouse

    2 starsOctober 26, 2013

    7070 Highway 6 N., Houston, TX 77095

    they do have a gluten free menu, but it lists almost everything that is on the normal menu, but under every item it tells you how to "order it gluten free". they list burgers and sandwiches on the gluten free menu and say "AVOID THE BREAD"... basically, they have nothing that is actually labeled "gluten free" and all of the waiters that I talked to did not know much, if anything at all, about how to make sure that something really is gluten free. I got sick from choosing things on their gluten free menu because there were still traces of gluten in the food.