• Jason's Deli

    3 starsAugust 18, 2014

    1538 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525

    Our go to place for salad. The salad bar seems safe, I'm careful about the end with the premade salads, just for cross contamination concerns. Fresh veggies and free ice cream makes it a nice summer lunch. Have tried the sandwiches, but they are very difficult to order (staff is not very knowledgeable about gluten content of ingredients) and I don't trust that my food will be safe. So we stick with the salad bar, it seems to be celiac friendly.

  • Sri Thai

    5 starsJuly 30, 2014

    950 South Taft Hill Road, Fort Collins, CO 80521

    Wonderful food! The menu is completely marked and the servers seem very knowledgeable. Get more than one dish and share family style!

  • Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

    5 starsJuly 03, 2014

    100 W Troutman Pkwy #120, Fort Collins, CO 80525

    We love Garbanzo! The menu is clearly labeled, the food is fresh and there is very little risk of cross contamination if you avoid the pickles (they live next to the couscous). Wish the gyro meat was gluten free, because they do offer a gluten free pita and I miss a good Greek sandwich! We usually just get the bowl with no pita, still fantastic. Friendly service and to go ordering too.

  • Tokyo Joe's

    1 starsJuly 03, 2014

    100 W Troutman Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO 80525

    Tokyo Joe's claims on it's website that staff are trained for allergen issues and know how to avoid cross contamination. This being said, it's hit or miss on getting sick here. One order was fabulous, carefully prepared and labeled. The next order we watched the guy switch the lid from a regular teriyaki sauce label to a gluten free label. Thinking perhaps he had used the wrong lid at first, we didn't say anything. Big mistake! He obviously filled it with regular sauce, then looked at the order and just slapped a gluten free label on it. I just don't trust them anymore at this location. The one across town has always asked about allergen issues and makes sure to clarify any questions they have with our order. Go to the Shields store instead of the Troutman to be Celiac safe.

  • MAD Greens - Inspired Eats

    1 starsJuly 03, 2014

    2120 East Harmony Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525

    Very over priced and unfriendly toward questions. Just trying to order is a nightmare, even though the menu is labeled. They look at you like you are crazy for even asking how to order gluten free. Great concept, but too much risk of cross contamination for this Celiac.

  • La Luz Mexican Grill

    4 starsJune 30, 2014

    140 Boardwalk Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525

    They have a clear gluten free menu posted on the wall when you walk in. The staff is super friendly, and the food is made fresh. We shared an order of steak and an order of veggie tacos and it was really good! The salsa bar is labeled with gluten free options, the tacos are full enough to make 4 out of each order, and we didn't have any reactions.

  • Olive Garden

    4 starsJune 30, 2014


    Olive Garden has always been very accommodating for our gluten free needs. The servers have always been knowledgeable about ingredients and making sure we order safely. I'm not sure about the cross contamination risk, but as a sensitive celiac I've never gotten sick here when dining with my non-gluten free family.

  • Larkburger

    5 starsJune 26, 2014

    2539 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525

    Amazing place for a burger! We had the truffle burger with the parmesan fries, and it was fantastic. Good thing, because with shakes the total was nearly $30 for 2. Nice to be able to have a good burger without risk of cross contamination though. The gluten free bun is soft and not too chewy, as some have the tendency to be. They even offer a gluten free ice cream cone!

  • Chipotle

    3 starsJune 26, 2014

    649 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80525

    Very knowledgeable staff, they were more than happy to change gloves and wipe the prep station before making our tacos. The new vegan sofrito mix is very good, and it's nice that the taco shells are not cross contaminated with fryer oil.

  • Rainbow Restaurant

    3 starsJune 26, 2014

    212 West Laurel Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521

    Very quaint restaurant with a nice vegetarian menu. The waitress didn't seem very knowledgeable about Celiac disease, so we ordered items that had very little cross contamination risk. The menu was well labeled, and the food was good.

  • The Melting Pot

    5 starsJune 26, 2014

    334 E Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

    The Melting Pot goes above and beyond when taking care of the Celiac guest! We had the most amazing dining experience here. By telling the host we were Celiac when we made the reservation, they were completely prepared for us when we arrived. The waiter walked us through the menu, made all necessary changes to our meal choices and even suggested drinks that were gluten free. Fantastic service, wonderful food. I wish other restaurants were as trained and prepared as the Melting Pot!

  • Rodizio Grill

    5 starsJune 26, 2014

    200 Jefferson Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

    Rodizio's has labeled all the items on their salad bar as to their gluten free status, which is nice. We always tell the server right away, no fried plantains because we need to be gluten free. They do have a paper menu that lists the gluten free items available, but since we always do the salad bar only, no meats or desserts, we just go by the labels.