• Barro's Pizza

    5 starsJuly 31, 2015

    1545 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

    I have Celiac and have ordered here several times over a couple of years and never really had an issue. One time they delivered the wrong pizza, but that was a one time mistake that was obvious and corrected very quickly. The manager makes the pizza themselves to ensure risk of cross contamination is minimized.

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    5 starsApril 03, 2015

    1850 South Val Vista Drive, Mesa, AZ 85204

    I have Celiac and never had a problem. Stick to only the pizzas as that is what they are GIG certified for. Everything else on the menu like salads have higher risk for cross contamination, believe it or not. Their ranch is gluten free if you like dipping. Just be sure if you call in to go to make sure you are talking to the actual location... had an issue calling in an order and it went to a call center who put the order I at the wrong location.

  • Cantina Laredo

    1 starsMarch 25, 2015

    2150 E Williams Field Rd #123, Gilbert, AZ 85295

    Not Celiac friendly- "gluten free" chips are fried in another frier that they dip corn-wheat blend tortillas. Very limited selection if you don't like shrimp. Not concerned with cross contamination, felt like I was bothering staff with my needs. Update: I got the food to-go because of a sneaking suspicion of cross contamination and it was too late to cancel the order. I would rather have the consequences happen at home rather than on the drive home. Sure enough I got sick. NOT SAFE FOR CELIACS.

  • The HUB Grill and Bar

    3 starsDecember 31, 2014

    1925 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

    March 2014- I went here when they were working on the gluten free menu about 6-8 months ago. I think I was speaking to a manager at that time. Someone high up on the food chain there has Celiac. He let me review the menu and told me at that time they would accommodate me without the menu, but they wouldn't roll out the menu until they were GIG certified. I have returned a couple times after the rolled out the menu, which is huge, by the way, and I have felt confident in the servers, the kitchen staff, and have never had a problem. Plus, the food I have had there is pretty delicious! *As an amendment to my previously posted statement, in October I got food poisoning here leading to a costly medical bill (dehydrated on a weekend needing an IV = ER). I had gluten free chicken tenders in a dedicated frier and chips and salsa.

  • Volare

    1 starsJuly 11, 2014

    1919 Meyers Road, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

    Spaghetti and marinara was alright but that is hard to screw up. The waiter seemed annoyed that I was asking questions and ordering with celiac in mind. And my friend ordering from the normal menu got food poisoning. I was not impressed with this place as a visitor to Lombard.

  • Flancer's Cafe

    5 starsNovember 03, 2013

    1902 North Higley Road, Mesa, AZ 85205

    Really knowledgeable staff. We are regulars. Note that Cesar salad dressing is not gf due to Worcester sauce, otherwise everything is represented accurately. On their gf menu they specify what people with intolerance can have vs celiac.

  • JP Pancake

    5 starsMay 19, 2013

    3641 East Baseline Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234

    Excellent! Servers are knowledgeable, cook staff is, too. They have almost everything available in GF (no German pancake). I have been there several times and never been sick (Celiac).

  • Zappone's Italian Bistro

    2 starsMay 19, 2013

    1652 N Higley Rd, ste 103, Gilbert, AZ 85206

    They were very nice when I walked in, however I asked about cross contamination because I am super sensitive with Celiac. The host/server state that he would love for us to stay and dine, but it would most likely not be in my best interest to eat there. He said that the nature of the kitchen would make the possibility of cross contamination extremely high and that he gluten free options are best for gluten sensitive people. He said it was not a good option for those with Celiac. I was very pleased with his candor.

  • Sushi Hanada

    5 starsOctober 28, 2012

    457 W Channel Islands Blvd, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

    This is a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. It is small, it smells fresh, and there is no fancy "American rolls" like rainbow rolls, except for the standard California roll. I told one of the owners that I was allergic to an ingredient in soy sauce and she quickly pulled out a bottle of gluten free soy sauce. She readily told me the ingredients to everything that we ate. I am only visiting the area, but when I come back I am definitely going back there.

  • Sourdough Pizza

    5 starsJuly 22, 2012

    7440 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85207

    I have celiac disease with high sensitivity. Great family owned business. The owner, who also works there, has celiac disease and trains everyone who works with her very effectively. I have never had a problem there. My friends say the GF bread is awesome even though they don't need to order GF. All bread is from gluten free creations bakery and is fresh. Red bridge beer is kept on hand and is FRESH unlike some other places that you need to blow the dust off the bottle. Nice atmosphere there too. Always has people, but not too crowded or too loud so you can always have a seat right away and you can hear your friends and family without straining.

  • Costa Vida

    1 starsJuly 22, 2012

    1744 S Val Vista Dr #106, Mesa, AZ 85204

    Cross contamination nightmare. If you have celiac disease, stay away! Staff was argumentative with me, telling me that everything was gluten free. While the ingredients may be, the practices they use make that a moot point. The flour and corn tortillas were made on the same press. I saw a worker take a wet towel and wipe it once to "clean" it before putting corn tortillas on. I e-mailed corporate to let them know my experience and they responded with a rude e-mail.

  • Rumbi

    4 starsMay 18, 2012

    1902 S Val Vista Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204

    If you're in the mood for a rice bowl, then this is a place to go. They have gluten-free teriyaki sauce, and the staff seems knowledgeable with gluten-free food. It is recommended for those with celiac disease to have the vegetables steamed. The only reason this place did not receive five stars is the extremely limited selection of food for those with Celiac disease. They do not have a dedicated menu but you will not get any funny looks from the cashier if you ask about the gluten-free options.

  • Five Guys

    1 starsDecember 11, 2011

    1902 South Val Vista Drive, Mesa, AZ 85204

    Asked manager if the fries are gluten free. He said no. I sent an e-mail to the company asking the same question and I have not heard back. It has been 3 weeks.