• Lake Grove Diner

    5 starsDecember 01, 2013

    2211 Nesconset Highway, Lake Grove, NY 11755

    I was amazed. A diner that offers breakfast including gf pancakes and French toast, gf pita and wraps! Diner Breakfast is a staple as a Long Island native. Our server, Alaina, was fully knowledgable about how everything is prepared, and informed us they are certified in GF prep and kitchen. I had a stack of 3 fresh large pancakes, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. The prices aren't too much more than regular food, only about $2 more for the gf pancakes versus the gluten-filled ones. I did not get ill, so there was no cross-contamination (I am very sensitive to it.) I will definitely return!

  • Burger Baby

    1 starsOctober 25, 2013

    283 Asylum Street, Hartford, CT 06103

    They have a gf grill, buns, and separate oil for fries. However, it is obvious the cooks do not understand the concept of what GLUTEN is and what products contain gluten, as they put a piece of deep-fried, coated bacon on my burger. Then my waitress proceeded to tell me that the cheese wasn't gf. Interesting. It's organic, non BST cheese, but not gf? Education is obviously not high on their priority list. My boyfriend ate his burger as I waited patiently for my dinner, which took a painstakingly long time in the first place, having to wait again was torturous. I was suspicious of my dinner when it came out the second time, but ate it. I had asked for it without the "house vinaigrette" which still came on my burger. So the top half of the bun and lettuce were inedible. The dressing was like a Russian or thousand island. The waitress became pissy when I mentioned this and next thing I know, we had a different server. Never coming back again.