About Me

Gluten & Dairy free for over 6 years. Extremely sensitive to any gluten cross contamination.


  • Yard House

    4 starsAugust 24, 2015

    1166 Roseville Pkwy, Roseville, CA 95678

    They have an extensive menu full of many options. It does not include the typical wings/French fries.

  • Chicago Fire

    4 starsAugust 09, 2015

    614 Sutter Street, Folsom, CA 95630

    Gf menu includes pizza, baked artichoke, and other options. The pizza is okay, but the artichoke is amazing. They are very accommodating and knowledgable.

  • Sudwerk Riverside Restaurant

    5 starsAugust 09, 2015

    9900 Greenback Lane, Folsom, CA 95630

    Dedicated Fryer for hot wings and French fries! Delicious! You can watch sporting events or just enjoy the views of the river. Great environment and food. I am sensitive celiac. GF/DF

  • BlackFinn Ameripub

    5 starsMay 05, 2014

    4840 Big Island Drive #05, Jacksonville, FL 32226

    New menu is great! The spring rolls are sooo goood!!

  • Seasons 52

    5 starsMay 05, 2014

    5096 Big Island Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    Great gf sushi and many other options!

  • Cheesecake Factory

    5 starsDecember 29, 2013

    10260 Midtown Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    I recently revisited this location (after being turned away a few years ago) and I am sooo glad I did! They have a new multi-page gluten free menu!! Wow! The food was great. I had a burger with a gf bun, seemed like an udis bun, and French fries. Will be back again soon.

  • Larry's Giant Subs

    5 starsDecember 18, 2013

    4479 Deerwood Lake Parkway #1, Jacksonville, FL 32216

    This location has gluten free bread (fresh from a local gf bakery, cookie momsters), keeps the ingredients safe and separate, and will even safely toast it for you. Awesome!

  • Salt Life Food Shack

    3 starsDecember 18, 2013

    1018 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

    I've had the grilled fish on salad with oil dressing. It was ok. Not many options.

  • Ovinte

    5 starsDecember 18, 2013

    10208 Buckhead Branch Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    Upscale, delicious options. This is not a kid friendly restaurant, it is a bar with tapas.

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    1 starsDecember 18, 2013

    4712 River City Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    Null. Nil. Nada.

  • Five Guys

    5 starsDecember 18, 2013

    3267 Hodges Blvd #6, Jacksonville, FL 32224

    Burger in lettuce wrap or bowl with toppings and French fries.

  • Chick-fil-A

    5 starsDecember 18, 2013

    4625 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    Gluten free grilled nuggets and waffle fries. The polynesian sauce is also gf!

  • P.F. Chang's

    3 starsDecember 18, 2013

    10281 Midtown Pkwy. #137, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    The quality of the food and service is diminishing. Unfortunately the last time I ate there I was served food containing gluten.

  • Cantina Laredo

    5 starsDecember 18, 2013

    10282 Bistro Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    The best gf chips and salsa in town! Many gluten free and vegan options listed on the menu. They offer great margaritas. Also, I'd like to add that this restaurant is kid friendly, except for possibly Thursday nights (ladies night) can be pretty busy.

  • Ted's Montana Grill

    5 starsDecember 18, 2013

    10281 Midtown Parkway, Suite 221, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    Gluten free menu available upon request. No gf buns for the burger, but they have great French fries!

  • Maggiano's

    5 starsDecember 13, 2013

    10367 Midtown Parkway, St. Johns Town Center, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    Love it! Gf Pasta is the best! Sunshine server is highly recommended.

  • Carrabba's

    3 starsDecember 13, 2013

    9840 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32225

    If you order soup, always check for noodles before eating!

  • Bonefish Grill

    4 starsDecember 13, 2013

    2400 South 3rd Street, Jacksonville Beach,FL 32250

    The orange park has gf bread. It's the only location I've found that provides it.

  • TacoLu

    4 starsDecember 13, 2013

    1183 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

    Delicious! I miss the old location.. They have messed up my order a few times. Sigh. Suffered severely. However, I do still eat here at times... The food is just that good! But be careful of sauces and tortillas, it's always worth it to double check. (;

  • Mellow Mushroom

    5 starsDecember 13, 2013

    9734 Deer Lake Court, Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL, 32246

    Awesome pizza! My favorite! Also has dairy free cheese (daiya brand) also my favorite. For someone who can't digest gluten and dairy.. This is the best place in town!

  • Chipotle

    5 starsDecember 13, 2013

    4865 Town Center Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32246

    I eat here twice a week (at least) and have severe sensitivity to gluten. If you let them know they will use new gloves and fresh ingredients.

  • Miller's Ale House

    5 starsDecember 05, 2013

    9711 Deer Lake Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32216

    The grilled zinger salad with hot sauce is delicious! They staff is knowledgable and make sure my order is kept separate from gluten.

  • Shane's Rib Shack

    1 starsNovember 03, 2013

    13546-1 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville FL 32246

    The food was good. However, on more than one occasion I received macaroni mixed in with the "gf beans". Cross contamination is a major issue at this location.