Lyndsay Withey


  • Carlos O'Kelly's

    2 starsJanuary 20, 2014

    2105 N Veterans Pkwy, Bloomington, IL 61704

    We have gone to Carlos O'Kelly's twice now since going GF. The first time was on New Years Eve and even though they were totally packed (a group of 30 put their order in at the same time we did) our meals were excellent. In fact it was so good we decided to go back just last week. However the second time we went the waitress didn't really seem to know much about their gluten free menu. I ordered a Monterrey Torta and when it came out I was SHOCKED! It was over loaded with this nasty cheese sauce. The quality control the second time we went was not good at all. When I came home I was noticing that I was not feeling good at all. My stomach was in so much pain and my daughter who really is the one who has been diagnosed with a sensitivity was sick for 2 days afterwards. She kept telling me her tummy hurt and was extremely fussy. (she's 2). I went online to check out the nutritional information from their website and upon finding nothing on their website I emailed them. While I will say I got a response within 24 hours I was shocked at what it said. "We are hoping to have a Gluten Free Menu release within the next 3 months and are currently working on making it available to our different locations. Also we do not have nutritional or allergen information available because our chef retired at the end of the year and he was the one who had the calorie count for everything." They went on to tell me while they look like a large company they are still a small company. I was rather shocked because they have advertised on this website to have had GIG training.