• El Jalisco

    1 starsMarch 16, 2014

    2105 North Atherton Street, State College, PA 16803

    No review can be made - stopped in this evening and spent over 15 min trying to explain what gluten is. After attempts with 2 different people we had to leave and go somewhere else for dinner. I didn't feel I could eat their without an issue if they didn't know what gluten even was.

  • Don Pablo's

    5 starsOctober 23, 2013

    122 Mall Blvd, Monroeville, PA 15146

    Have a separate menu & how to order. Both times manager came over and took care of us... Delicious

  • Whitey's Peetza & Eatery

    1 starsJune 01, 2012

    368 1st Street, Coral, PA 15731

    I am a sensitive celiac, and got sick a couple of times - plus i had burnt food once, that was enough. I watched their video on how they make regular pizzas in the kitchen on you tube - flour EVERYWHERE - then I saw why I was getting ill after eating there.

  • Eat'n Park

    4 starsJune 01, 2012

    2675 Oakland Ave., Indiana, PA 15701

    I enjoy going to Eat&Park in Indiana, Pa. The wait staff is friendly and most understand gluten free. The price is affordable and something for everyone! I have enjoyed the cod wi broccoli + salad and also the steak salad. I just heard they are starting an up-charge on the gf buns - that's sad to do when they give non glutenfree meals - sticky buns + rolls

  • Tommy's Pizza

    2 starsMay 25, 2012

    105 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg, PA 17325

    I was careful to go over the cross contamination issues with them - and they seem to be extra careful with the two I ordered - but they said to me "they can't guarantee anything because there is flour and gluten everywhere" I believe they are trying to accommodate the need for people, but not necessarily doing their best to avoid any possible CC problems since everything is baked in the same ovens, same condiments, etc... yes, I got real sick, but my two girls didn't - I am super sensitive.

  • Carino's

    1 starsMarch 19, 2012

    145 Mall Circle Dr., Monroeville, PA 15146

    My family was seated in this restaurant about 3:30pm just before dinner menu. We were given the menu - after talking with the waitress the chef came out - in a very, very filthy covered apron and said he was also the manager. Most of all the lunch items were very spicy and with all of us having celiac we thought he could substitute lemon chicken or pot roast or something as it states on the menu they are willing to work with you with your gf meal. The chef WOULDNT change a thing but said he would send back the waitress to take our order. We all looked at each other and got up and left - we went right over to Don Pablos and ate a wonderful gf non spicy meal! I ate at the one in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

  • Spaghetti Benders Pasta Shop

    1 starsDecember 30, 2011

    563 Philadelphia St, Indiana, PA 15701

    Have had mediocre food, some without issues and other with celiac issues. I kept on going because not to far of a drive but lately not worth it anymore because of food issues. Many times my food has come burnt and extremely dried out. They do serve glutenfree bread but are very tight with it- like it is gold or something, give you very little and many times WAY OVER charge for it. We quit going after my celiac daughter got very sick for the third time.