• Pine Grill Restaurant

    3 starsMarch 21, 2015

    800 North Center Avenue, Somerset, PA 15501

    Celiacs beware! Went there after seeing it on here because we were staying at a nearby hotel and were unfamiliar with the area. Menu had items notated as GF, one of them being potato skins with bacon and cheese. Knowing they are usually fried I asked the waitress if they were cooked in a dedicated fryer. She checked and came back and said everything is cooked in the same fryer. I pointed out that they are not gluten free as noted on the menu and she said they will have to update the menu but that's it. My daughter would have been sick for a week if she'd eaten them. We ended up getting her an Udis gf pizza at the Pizza Hut down the street. It was unfortunate because otherwise the food the rest of us ordered was good and reasonably priced.

  • Harrison's Wine Grill & Catering

    5 starsApril 22, 2014

    1221 E College Ave, State College, PA 16801

    We were lucky to find this restaurant in the hotel where we were staying, the Hilton Garden Inn. My daughter has celiac but we didn't realize the restaurant was here when we booked it. It was also recommended to us by the owner of another GF cafe in the area where we had lunch. The menu has GF options clearly indicated and our server was knowledgeable about specific menu items. They offered GF pasta and the salads come without croutons unless requested. It was great to be able to have so many options available that were GF and my daughter was able to enjoy her meal without worry.

  • Callao Cafe and Market

    5 starsApril 22, 2014

    434 West Aaron Drive #201, State College, PA 16803

    Great find for anyone GF! We found it just by searching online and reading the reviews. My daughter has celiac and was able to order almost anything off the menu and the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and careful in preparing her order separately from the rest of ours. Well worth stopping by!