Amy with celiac


  • Olive Garden

    1 starsJanuary 04, 2012


    I went there last night and had the gluten free penne rigate pomodoro with grilled chicken. The waitress had to look at the menu to write gluten free so I am sure she was not aware of what that meant. She did however bring the croutons on a separate plate for those at the table who could eat it. There was a large portion of pasta on the dinner plate with a few strips of chicken. It tasted good, but nothing better than I could have cooked at home. I ate about half of the meal and brought the rest home. On my way home I got terrible stomach cramps and flew down the highway to get home. I thought perhaps it may have been that I ate too much so kept the leftovers. I brought half of the leftovers (see...a lot of pasta) for lunch today and when I started to eat it after heating it up I found a spagetti noodle in it. Since they do not have GF spagetti - just the penne - I know it was not gluten free. My Mom says I should write them a letter but I don't want them to just offer a gift card to try them again as it is definitely NOT worth feeling that lousy again (yes...the leftovers have made me sick too). BE CAREFULL EATING HERE IF YOU HAVE CELIAC!