• California Pizza Kitchen

    5 starsJanuary 15, 2014

    1201 S. Hayes St., Suite F, Arlington, VA

    I tried the gluten free pizza and it was very good. Z Pizza is my favorite GF pizza crust, but I think CPK's is even better than theirs.

  • Founding Farmers

    1 starsJanuary 15, 2014

    1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

    Servers and chef knowledgable on gluten issue, however my options for dinner were limited to meat, fish and salad which is what I get at every other restaurant. I was hoping to try fried green tomatoes (which can be made with cornmeal), chicken wings or shrimp and grits but none were an option and no substitutions were available. I couldn't even have the mashed potatoes. Ended up having pesto mussels and a salad (boring). Chef left out the pesto on the mussels in case I had nut and dairy issues, which I don't and I covered with the server beforehand. Once they brought the pesto, it was better but not a great dining experience, especially for the price.