• Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

    5 starsMarch 28, 2014

    211 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68505

    (This is for Mazatlan not to be confused with Mazatlan II) The GF menu is great! I never expected there to be so many choices. The best part is that they DO fry chips in a dedicated fryer, as I was told by an employee. I got the shrimp enchilada and did not get even one bit sick :)

  • Noodles & Company

    2 starsDecember 26, 2013

    2801 Pine Lake Road, Lincoln, NE 68516

    When I ordered my noodles over the phone I asked for the rice noodles. The employee asked if it was for an allergy and assured me that they would use a new pan. The order came with only rice noodles, however, I got sick off of it so I believe they didn't do a very good job of preventing cross-contamination.