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  • Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

    5 starsOctober 25, 2013

    3453 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

    Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill here! We want to ensure the correct information is out there about our gluten-free options. While we have many gluten-free items on our menu and we strive to serve gluten-free guests to the best of our ability, we do not claim zero cross contamination in our restaurants. We are also not GiG trained, despite the rating Find Me Gluten Free has given us. If you are gluten-free, please let our servers know as soon as you enter the line. They should do this when you alert them, but if not please ask them to change their gloves, use fresh serving utensils and use fresh food kept in coolers under our front line. Our servers are also happy to answer any questions you may have about ingredients. Our website,, is also a great place to find our ingredients list. Thank you, The Garbanzo team