Natalie Dorsey


  • Gluten Free Cutie

    5 starsApril 29, 2015

    45 Park Square Ct, Roswell, GA 30075

    To the reviewer Julia, You placed a special order for DF banana pudding which was freshly made that day for you along with homemade vanilla waffers and then you called that afternoon b/c you were not able to come get your order. We wanted to let you know that banana pudding would only keep for a couple days and it would be best if you could come get your order that day. We do not put preservatives in the pudding so therefore it doesnt keep long. We were also staying open till 8:00 that night for a festival. You then requested a refund b/c you thought you could freeze pudding. You then accused my husband of not giving you the right informaion and not training my Employees. You asked him what items in the bakery could be frozen but he did not tell you pudding could be frozen. Who freezes pudding? As a busness owner I have rights to stand up for my business. I can't just give out refunds after I specially made you items that are not always available and then you were unable to come pick up your order. So therefore since I wouldn't give you a refund,"I am rude." Sorry you feel that way!

  • Babycakes NYC

    3 starsMay 30, 2013

    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32821

    Gluten Free Cutie in Roswell, GA has much better cupcakes. Just saying . :) Other than that... They were ok