• Homeroom Mac + Cheese

    4 starsJanuary 14, 2013

    400 40th St, Oakland, CA 94609

    You can sub quinoa pasta for any of their mac and cheese selections. Its pretty tasty but pricey and always busy. When I don't feel like cooking we take Homeroom to go and add our own bacon at home. Probably not safe for celiacs, but great for those of us with a wheat sensitivity. However, I can make better at home, but I'm a really good cook.

  • Mariposa Bakeshop & Cafe

    4 starsJanuary 14, 2013

    5427 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

    Fantastic crackers, burger buns, and brownies. I'm not a fan of their pizza crusts and their prices can be a bit high. If you see gnocchi grab it as it disappears for months.

  • Whole Foods

    5 starsFebruary 01, 2012

    230 Bay Place, Oakland, CA 94612

    Lots of gluten free options! Check the freezer cases for amazing baked goods. Whole Foods branded cupcakes and cookies are amazing.

  • Trader Joe's

    5 starsFebruary 01, 2012

    3250 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland, CA 94610

    Their rice & corn pastas are tasty and very affordable