• Sunny Sushi & Lounge

    5 starsJanuary 30, 2014

    141 North Front Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

    I see some mis-information in the reviews posted and I want to clarify for anyone who refers to this regarding GF options. The restaurant DOES NOT have gluten free tempura rolls and has not since they opened in May. However, they are working on having that option and brown rice in the future when the full hibachi and Thai is open. Eel and imitation crab (crabstick, crab on the menu) are not gluten free. Any rolls with imitation crab are made with real crab at a charge of $2 more (only increase on the menu for GF) and items with eel are made with substitution for other fish in the roll. The restaurant makes gluten free eel sauce in house and has Tamari for patrons. GF Appetizers as of 1/30/14 - Edamame, fresh basil rolls, thom kha soup, thom yum soup, miso soup, larb, nam sod, yum, chicken satay, house salad, edamame salad, and thai hot wings (ask for not breaded BUT they are fried in same fryer as breaded items. Eat at your discretion) raw, maki and baked rolls can be made gluten free with various substitutions. Carolina Fusion rolls can be made with steamed shrimp (ebi) instead of tempura shrimp and the softshell crab can be unbreaded when fried (However, same as wings - eat at your discretion). Thai Fried Rice can be made with tamari. Pad Thai is gluten free. All curries are gluten free. Be sure to alert the staff of any and all food allergies. This establishment is very keen on catering to the needs of their customers but must be informed every time you visit. Please do not assume (unless you have a favorite server) that your specific dietary needs will be remembered OR that you are the only person with your name/allergies that call in an order. (Yes, this actually happens). All in all, this is a great place to eat if you are on a gluten free diet. There are plenty of food options and everything on the menu is made fresh, from scratch, in house so there is no "guessing" regarding what you can and cannot eat.