About Me

I have psoriasis, asthma and dairy allergy. I eat gluten free to manage the symptoms of my psoriasis.


  • Timberwood Grill

    3 starsJanuary 19, 2014

    3311 Worth Crossing, Charlottesville, VA 22911

    The gluten free menu is listed on their website. Not a massive selection, but they do offer to modify regular menu items to be GF and I was able to do that with one of their dips. I ordered the Chuck Norris, a burger on a GF but with sautéed onions, mushrooms, cheese, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, pickles, lettuce and tomato. The side choices were either coleslaw or 3 Bean Salad, and I chose the salad. Our waiter was knowledgable about the GF options and helped me out when I accidentally almost glutened myself by ordering fries. Our order took a while to arrive and when mine came, the GF bun was there, but my coleslaw (I love slaw) was not. I ordered without mushrooms and cheese due to other allergies. Burger was good and bun had some crunch which was great. The 3 Bean Salad was overly sweet and I could not eat it. My guy agreed. Also, the Chuck Norris was priced at $9.70 on the GF website menu, but $10.25 on my bill. Be sure to check prices. Overall, my burger was tasty and their menu is pretty big and they're willing to modify it for you. I gave it 3 for price changes and leaving off foods.

  • O'Charley's

    4 starsJanuary 17, 2014

    4042 Wards Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24502

    I ordered the 9oz sirloin with plain baked potato and steamed broccoli. I had to look up my meal choice online with this app to make sure I was covered on all my allergies - gluten and dairy. Steak was delicious and tender and broccoli was good. Potato dry and I probably wouldn't get it again. Staff was very friendly - this was Friday happy hour to boot.