GF Liz


  • Project Pie

    1 starsMarch 04, 2015

    6030 Luther Lane Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75225

    Do not eat here if you are Celiac or sensitive/allergic to gluten. If you just choose to be gluten free, then it's fine. There is flour all over the surfaces in the kitchen. The preparers gloves were coated in flour, so I asked her very nicely if she could change her gloves since I was ordering a gluten free pizza, she rudely responded that this is a restaurant... I knew I was at a restaurant! They put the pizza on a flour filled pan when it came out of the oven, then used the same pizza slicer she used on the customer in front of me's glutenous pizza..... Cross contamination risk is guaranteed. So sad to offer GF pizza crust and do nothing to actually make it edible for GF people:(

  • Peak Grille

    5 starsDecember 13, 2014

    6135 Luther Ln, Dallas, TX 75225

    Gluten free Pesto Pasta was great! Several GF options!

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    1 starsAugust 27, 2014

    8411 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75225

    The crust wasn't cooked all the way, the toppings tasted good, but I could only eat around the outside of the pizza. I won't be eating their pizza again:( I did bring it home so I can heat it up on a pizza pan and cook it all they way through.

  • Pizza Bar

    5 starsJuly 29, 2014

    2236 E County Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

    Gluten Free pizza crust is the best I've ever had!

  • Bud & Alley's Restaurant

    5 starsJuly 29, 2014

    25 Center Ave, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

    All Gluten Free menu items are noted on the menu with an *. Servers very knowledgeable. Food is excellent!

  • BamBoo Pho & Springroll

    4 starsApril 23, 2014

    3330 Matlock Road, Arlington, TX 76015

    Great Pho and egg rolls wrapped in rice paper. Restaurant is clean and new, so nice environment. My server was a bit odd, always looking at me like she was annoyed, but maybe that's just her face.