• Chipotle

    4 starsAugust 19, 2015

    3830 Truxel Rd., Sacramento, CA 95833

    All ingredients are gluten free (except for flour tortilla of course) but even with changing gloves and making meal all the way through, which workers are willing to do, there are still small chances of cross contamination no matter how careful cuz previous worker who made burritos before you even get there uses the same ingredients. So for super sensitive celiacs, not recommended.

  • Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria

    4 starsDecember 21, 2014

    1550 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

    Food tastes fresh since they make their own regular and GF corn pasta. Even my husband who isn't gluten intolerant likes the taste of homemade corn pasta. Great service and attention to detail for GF customers which is a huge deal! Only reason they are not five stars because they currently only have three GF pasta dishes and salad as their GF menu items to choose from. No GF pizza - biggest disappointment.

  • Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co.

    1 starsDecember 21, 2014

    12362 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92840

    Place is clean and friendly, but not completely gluten free friendly. They have GF pizza but chances of cross contamination are high since they don't cook or use separate ingredients. And they use same oil to fry gluten and non gluten items so if you want their awesome tasting GF wings, got to get there early enough before they fry other glutinous food. Their only GF items listed on menu are salads (need to specify no chips on Sante Fe salad or bread on side), pizza (only individual size), and fish tacos (non breaded). Disappointed because I came here for their GF pizza but since they are not completely GF and I'm highly sensitive, then waitress recommended against it. So sad!

  • Bella Bru Cafe

    5 starsSeptember 19, 2014

    4680 Natomas Blvd #100, Sacramento, CA 95835

    Has GF marked on menu. Make sure you remind wait person to leave bread off and cook with clean utensils.

  • BJ's Brewhouse

    5 starsAugust 21, 2014

    3531 N. Freeway Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95834

    Awesome staff and cozy atmosphere! GF pizza is yummy. Love their unlimited soup and salad luncheon combo.

  • Chili's

    4 starsAugust 21, 2014

    3870 Truxel Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834

    They have gluten-free menu that they change frequently. I like to go there for their unlimited soup and salad lunch deals! Staff is fairly knowledgeable about GF so I feel safe to eat there.

  • Oshima Sushi

    5 starsAugust 18, 2014

    2071 Natomas Crossing Dr, Sacramento, CA 95834

    Oshima is an upper scale, classy Japanese restaurant. Owner Ming Le provides Kikkoman gluten free soy sauce upon request and serves gluten free beer. Sauce-free sushi rolls also available upon request. Love their Hawaiian and Rainbow rolls, naturally gluten free. Ming always provides the freshest fish available and I've never gotten sick for the past 5+ years that my family and I have been coming here!

  • Megami Bento-Ya

    5 starsAugust 07, 2014

    1010 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

    I've been coming to this authentic Japanese restaurant since 2004 and Allan, sushi chief and owner, and they provide gluten-free soy sauce and teriyaki sauce!! Just let them know ahead of time that you need your order to be GF and Allan will ensure there would be no cross contaminations. So far, I have NEVER had any reactions and I am SUPER sensitive!!!

  • Five Guys

    3 starsJune 01, 2014

    4630 Natomas Blvd., Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95835

    Burgers are good but price is high for quality. For the same burger but more affordable, I'd rather head to In-N-Out.

  • Jack's Urban Eats

    2 starsJune 01, 2014

    4730 Natomas Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95835

    Salads are awesome but if you are extremely hungry, don't expect much bang for your bucks here. For protein, only their chicken and turkey are quoted to be gluten free but not their award winning tri tip. And you only get a mere 3 oz of meat if you are lucky and sides are additional.