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  • Charley Creek Inn

    3 starsJuly 07, 2015

    111 West Market Street, Wabash, IN 46992

    An unusual combination of how the owner tried to do everything right and yet, the waitress get it all wrong.We stopped here while traveling across Indiana. My wife, daughter and I were wanting to avoid fast food and stumbled upon this restaurant. I was immediately impressed with their gluten-free options. There was a lot to choose from! I had a gluten-free french onion soup that was excellent, a half-rack of ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, and buttered broccoli. It was all quite good and reasonably priced. So what went wrong:1. The waitress was clueless as to what Gluten-Free meant. she told me she would make sure the chef did not add cheese to the French Onion Soup. I had to tell her Cheese did not have gluten in it. Then she asked if I would like to substitute something for the potatoes. I told her potatoes did not contain gluten in it either (and I made sure they were not adding any fillers). 2. Wait time - this was a Monday evening and the restaurant only had a few patrons. We waited more than a half hour for our dishes to come out and she brought out the soup and salad at the same time as the entrees. And by the way, we noticed other patrons were given a bread basket and we were not. I was with my wife and daughter who are not gluten-free so it wasn't because I was GF. When I asked what took so long and she explained our food was accidentally given to another table.3. Cold Food - Seems like the chef did a bad job of pulling together the entrees. My ribs, soup, and broccoli were hot but my garlic mashed potatoes were stone cold. My daugher experienced similar. Her burger was hot but fries were cold.3. Waitress disappeared - After serving the food, our waitress must have gotten involved with something else. My wife had also ordered a hamburger and wanted ketchup. After waitting more than 15 minutes, hoping the waitress might come back, I finally got up and asked someone else to bring us ketchup. Had to do the same to get our check. In my mind, the fastest way to reduce your tip is to make me get up and find you (the waitress).Overall, the food was decent and the prices were very reasonable. The place was decorated very nicely. If you are in Wabash, there are not a lot of places to go. With a little better waitressing, this could be a 5 star restaurant.

  • Shield's Pizza

    3 starsJanuary 04, 2014

    1476 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084

    My family go to Shields quite frequently because it's convenient. it is not the best gluten free pizza but it's not bad. The biggest prob k em is the waitresses are totally clueless. If you ask 4 waitresses what toppings are gluten you will get 4 different answers....Most are wrong. For example, today are waitress said the pepperoni is not gluten free but the sausage is. That was completely wrong. Last week, a waitress told me the only thing I could have was a salad. If don't mind driving to Woodward, Cottage Inn Pizza is much better and more familiar with gluten - free options.

  • Windy City Pizza

    4 starsJanuary 01, 2014

    400 North Park Avenue, Breckenridge, CO 80424

    My family stopped in on a whim. They said they had gluten-free pizza and since my son and I have to be gluten-free, this seemed to bre a good choice. The place was fairly empty and we were concerned maybe the food wasn't good. My wife and daughter (who do not have to be gluten-free) shared a pizza, which they said was OK. Not the best they ever had but not bad. The gluten-free pizza was actually good and I would highly recommend it. So why not 5 stars? It seems they only have one gluten-free pizza oven and can only make one pie at a time. My son and wife's pizza came out promptly. Mine came out about 15-20 minutes later. On the positive side, the manager took the cost of my pizza off the price, which he didn't have to. Bottom line, if you only need one gluten-free pizza, this gets high marks.

  • Kenosha Steakhouse

    5 starsJanuary 01, 2014

    301 S Main St, Breckenridge, CO 80424

    Excellent gluten-free menu. So much so, I ordered too much! I got the "pig out" option, which you pick 3 BBQ choices. I got the St. Louis Ribs, the pulled pork, and the beef brisket. All were excellent! Their BBQ sauces were also gluten free and better than Famous Dave's. My wife got a filet mignon, which I tried. It was AWESOME, however, note that they tend to fix the meat on the rare side. I thought it was perfect, my wife wanted it a little less rare. Taste was excellent. My son got a pulled pork sandwich and my daughter got chicken fingers (she does not have to be gluten-free). Service was good considering it was mobbed. I probably would have ordered an after-dinner drink but getting our server's attention became too much of a challenge. Nevertheless, if you have to be gluten-free, I would highly recommend the Kenosha Steakhouse.

  • Mi Casa

    5 starsJanuary 01, 2014

    600 S Park Ave, Breckenridge, CO 80424

    My family came to Breckenridge for a vacation. Of the four of us, two have to be glute free. We found Mi Casa and came twice. Excellent gluten-free choices and waitress was very knoweledgable. The first night, my son and I had the gluten-free enchiladas, which were very good. The second time, I requested a pulled chicken nacho platter (not on the menu). No problem. It was delicious. We were there during happy hour and my son got the $1 tacos, which he said were excellent. Prices are very reasonable and service was excellent. As another reviewer mentioned, you want to get there early or you will be standing in line.

  • Taddeos Ristorante Italiano

    1 starsDecember 31, 2013

    535 S Park Ave, Breckenridge, CO 80424

    Went there with my family for dinner. Two of the four of us need to be gluten free. We got there at 4:00 PM to avoid the crowd. Three big reasons you neeed to avoid this restaurant. Portions for gluten free dishes were noticeably smaller than their non gluten free counterparts. My son asked for spaghetti with marinara sauce and grilled chiken. Kitchen forgot the chicken. Waitress apologized and said she would bring it right out. We all finished eating by the time it came out. No one offered to comp the meal or made any other compensation. However, the biggest reason to avoid this place is because I was served gluten. I am not sensitive unless i get a large dose of gluten. Shortly after finishing our meal I had a severe reaction including severe vomiting and diarrhea. I had ordered the gluten free pasta with the vodka sauce which I was told was safe. If you need or want to be gluten free, avoid this restaurant. I think they want to be GF but very inept!

  • Roosters

    1 starsDecember 11, 2013

    5225 Nike Station Way, Hilliard, OH 43026

    They claim they have a gluten free menu but it's not a menu. It's more like a document that says they offer many gluten-free items. But in-fact, they really don't because there are a lot of disclaimers, like ""All of our sauces are made in house and are gluten free. Just to be safe, stay away from the Teriyaki, Caroline Gold, and Sweet Thai Chili sauces though. They contain a packaged ingredient that may or may not contain gluten". Then, in another spot, it says "our dressings should all be free of gluten. To be safe, stay away from the Ranch Dressing. It may have a gluten additive". It also suggests one can order "Naked Wings" but immediately afterwards says they are cooked in the same oil as gluten-containing menu items. So, really, there is nothing they can assure you is gluten-free. Worse, my waitress was clueless. OK, I understand not everyone can be up to speed on what is gluten-free so I asked her to check with the manager. I was told I could get a salad but they would hold the cheese for me and would not put any oil on it. Really??? Clearly, neither she nor her manager had a clue. So when the salad came, it had no cheese but a good dose of croutons. I also ordered a grilled chicken breast. While it was quite tasty, it had some seasoning on it that I have no idea what it was....nor did the waitress. There were no sides (according to my waitress) that were gluten-free so it was a pretty boring meal. My advice is if you need to be Gluten-free, avoid Roosters.

  • Aubree's Pizzeria & Tavern

    5 starsMay 29, 2012

    20420 Haggerty Rd, Northville, MI 48167

    I would highly recommend Aubree's. The waitresses are very knowledgeable and friendly. They have w lunch buffet consisting o pizza and salad. If you tell them you are GF, they will make a pizza up for you with any toppings (and ALL toppings are GF). For $7.99, you can't go wrong. They also offer GF pasta and desserts.

  • On the Border

    1 starsApril 03, 2012

    21091 Haggerty Rd., Novi, MI 48375

    Went there with a party of 5. First question I asked of the hostess was "do you have a gluten free menu". She said no. She went on to say they have nothing that is Gluten Free. I asked if she was sure and she assured me they had nothing. We left and went to Border Cantina which was nearby.

  • P.F. Chang's

    5 starsMarch 20, 2012

    17905 Haggerty Rd., Northville Township, MI 48167

    Fantastic! Excellent selection. Staff very knowledgeable. By far the best GF restaurant for Chinese food. Sure, it's a little pricey but it's an upscale restaurant. My wife and I go there frequently and would go more if it weren't for the long wait (it's very popular)

  • Chipotle

    4 starsMarch 13, 2012

    1960 East Dublin Granville Rd., Columbus, OH 43229

    Excellent food- great variety. My two big complaints are it's a little on the pricey side and serving size is VERY inconsistent.