• Grubsteak Restaurant

    5 starsJune 19, 2015

    134 W Elkhorn Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517

    Love this place! Plenty of options for burgers, sides, etc. Great veggie burger too!

  • Chipotle

    5 starsApril 20, 2015

    5160 W. 120th Ave., Westminster, CO 80020

    I had a great experience here! I asked the first employee to change his gloves and he and the next guy both changed them right away and made sure they were the only ones who touched my food.

  • Chipotle

    5 starsMarch 07, 2015

    7515 S. University Blvd., Littleton, CO 80122

    I had a great experience here! Right away I asked the first employee if he could change his gloves. He immediately asked if I had a gluten allergy, and then without hesitation he made my entire burrito bowl so no one with contaminated gloves would touch it. Bravo!

  • Udom Thai

    5 starsMarch 12, 2014

    7547 S University Blvd, Littleton, CO 80122

    I love this place! Lots of GF options plus vegetarian and vegan. They are very careful and knowledgeable about food preparation and are really nice!

  • Mercury Cafe

    5 starsSeptember 29, 2013

    2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

    I LOVE Mercury Cafe! The whole menu except bread and a few desserts is gluten free with lots of vegetarian and vegan options too. Best meal I have had in years!

  • Extreme Pizza

    4 starsSeptember 16, 2013

    250 Steele Street #108, Denver, Colorado 80206

    Their gluten free crust is great, and they also are very careful about cross contamination.

  • Swing Thai

    5 starsNovember 15, 2012

    1612 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202

    Love love love this place! Best Thai I have ever had and I have never had a problem with contamination

  • Pasquini's Pizzeria

    5 starsApril 08, 2012

    777 East 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

    The GF pasta is incredible! Also, it's not on the menu but they have GF breadsticks too.

  • Swing Thai

    5 starsApril 08, 2012

    845 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80206

    Lots of great GF options as well as vegetarian/vegan. One of my favorites!