• Five Guys

    4 starsSeptember 05, 2012

    122 Market Street, Flowood, MS 39232

    One of my favorite burger places. The first time I came in and placed my order, Bacon Cheese Burger no bread, I was asked if it was an allergy. I answered yes and it was relayed to the workers. This lead to everyone that was touching my order to have fresh gloves on each time. This made me extremely happy and each time I have been back the same thing happens. Everything taste wonderful and the fries are especially good. If I want a good burger and fries this is one of my first choices.

  • Jason's Deli

    4 starsJune 08, 2012

    1067 County Line Rd, Jackson, MS 39211

    I decided to give this place a try even though they warn people that have celiac disease shouldn't rly eat here. I ordered the new York Yankee (gf bread), fire roasted tortilla (soup), and the big chef salad with house ranch. The soup was very good def had a kick to it and I rly like the chips they use will come back just for that ^-^. The sandwich was very good gf bread didn't hold well recommend toasting if possible. It def hit the spot for a sandwich though. I don't make it to the salad my eyes were bigger than my stomach lol but the home made ranch is good. The staff is very helpful and even made me a copy of the gf menu. Over all very happy with this place and will be bringing the wife here to get her opinion.

  • Outback Steakhouse

    3 starsMay 24, 2012

    1348 N. Gloster Street, Tupelo, MS 38801

    Nice staff they had the updated g-free menu. The wait was rly long for a take out. Ordered a chicken and shrimp salad 4 pieces of shrimp and a small piece of chicken. After ordering g-free they still gave me a loaf of bread. Stomach not feeling well but don't know if it was from them or from something earlier. Still like the house salad better.

  • McAlister's Deli

    4 starsMay 23, 2012

    495 South Gloster, Tupelo MS 38801

    Very nice staff they are franchise so can't go by the online menu. They have an old allergy menu but was able to print me off the website menu. Had a salad and it was good like any other place. So far not sick. If I'm back in this area ill make a stop by.

  • McAlister's Deli

    3 starsApril 15, 2012

    1065 River Oaks Drive, Flowood MS 39232

    Staff was very friendly with me looking up gluten free stuff on my phone. Had a chili nacho, Italian salad, Angus beef spud (no au jus) with potato salad, and wife had cranberry Orange club with Cole slaw. chili nacho was good but it was just a can of chili would of liked a home cooked chili, salad was wonderful def would just get this any day of the week, wife said club was really good but the sauce is potent so ask for a dab instead of a smear, spud was ok the meat was great spud could of been cooked a lil longer, Cole slaw and potato salad was like eating a spoon full of mayo with chunks. Will be keeping this place as a gluten free stop but not often. As of now (15 mins after) not feeling ill. will come back to try more.