Jon Aurbach


  • Silvio's Organic Pizza

    1 starsJanuary 18, 2014

    715 N University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Staff is knowledge, however they are NOT celiac friendly. They informed us that the pizza is cooked uncovered in same oven as other pizza. They said Celiac people will probably have a problem because if flour in the air. I appreciate the honesty, but cannot recommend them

  • The Emory

    5 starsJune 21, 2013

    22700 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, MI 48220

    Menu has Gluten Free logo next to all menu items that are denied as "items that with little out no modification are gluten free friendly"

  • Seva Detroit

    1 starsJune 12, 2013

    66 E Forest Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

    Great options, however no meat plates for you or freinds dining with you. As stated tho, some contamination issue eveline we eat there.

  • Woodbridge Pub

    5 starsJune 11, 2013

    5169 Trumbull St, Detroit, MI 48208

    Fantastic! We visit here weekly, and the staff are well trained. Some are gluten free themselves!

  • Mudgie's Deli

    4 starsJune 11, 2013

    1300 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48226

    Knowledgeable and understanding. Waitress didn't know, but cooks knew.

  • Slows Bar-B-Q

    4 starsJune 11, 2013

    2138 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216

    The review below us wrong, only done if the sauces are gluten free. Also, the staff is not very educated with celiac disease contamination issues. The cooks usually know, but just manger sure you are very clear with the wait staff

  • The Hudson Cafe

    4 starsJune 11, 2013

    1241 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226

    The chef came out and talked top us, made sure we got what we asked for. She really understood celiac disease so made us feel better. Limited options tho

  • Russell Street Deli

    1 starsJune 11, 2013

    2465 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

    They understand GF but don't have any options. nice try tho

  • Merchants

    4 starsMay 15, 2013

    401 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

    Gluten free menu was just the regular menu with highlighter making gluten free. Staff and cooks were helpful and pretty knowledge.

  • Buddy's Pizza

    5 starsMay 07, 2012

    17125 Conant St, Hamtramck, MI 48212

    they cook the gluten free pizza in it's own tin foil to separate it from the grills and other contaminates. Fantastic establishment

  • Hockeytown Cafe

    1 starsMay 07, 2012

    2301 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

    staff we talked to seemed to think they do not offer gluten free