• Sauce On Hampton

    5 starsMay 02, 2013

    259 Hampton Drive, Venice, CA 90291

    They have an awesome menu that indicates what is gluten-free. Their service was outstanding - he really knew about GF and how they handle cross-contamination in the back (or at least that's what he assured me). They seem to know a lot about it! They even serve a gluten-free cookie at the end of the meal - baked off-site at a GF bakery! SERIOUSLY!

  • The Mission

    4 starsJanuary 19, 2013

    1250 J St, San Diego, CA 92101

    Honestly, I wasn't overly impressed with the Mission for what it was hyped up to be. Although everything on the menu looked good - I wasn't overly impressed with their sandwiches that we got. I also noticed that the bread was toasted (only after I had eaten a part of it) and I'm really wondering where they toast it??). They waiter seemed rushed to understand my gluten allergy (even though they were super busy). The bread was way too thick and didn't hold up (go figure, it's gluten-free!!). I guess I could have ordered breakfast before really judging the place, but to have to wait SO long to get it, it might just be easier eating gluten-free breakfast on my own!

  • Sammy's Woodfired Pizza

    4 starsJanuary 19, 2013

    770 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

    They note gluten-free on their menu and the server that we had seemed educated. They offer plenty of things that are GF including pizza, but we were too full to eat it! I would recommend this as a safe place to eat in SD that isn't some massive chain (it's a local chain).

  • Syrup

    2 starsNovember 28, 2012

    999 18th St #105, Denver, CO 80202

    Be VERY careful with what you order here. They have a pretty darn extensive GF menu. However, they aren’t doing anything right when it comes to gluten-free. If you just want to eat sans gluten as a trend, or a fad – cool, then go here and have amazing food. However, if you are sensitive, you need to question their kitchen practices. I was excited to see about the pancakes, they sounded amazing. But I was more excited when I saw the english muffins because I’m a sucker for breakfast sandwiches. And then I made a mistake – I asked them how it was prepared. They toast the muffins in the same toaster as gluten bread. They make the waffles in the same waffle maker as the gluten waffles. They make the pancakes on the same griddle as the gluten ones. Be very very careful here if you are a celiac! Stick to eggs and have them make your pancakes in a separate pan. Tell them to be very very careful.

  • Wild Grape Bistro

    4 starsNovember 09, 2012

    481 E South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

    Really liked this place. Although they don't have a gluten-free menu per say, they can work with their existing menu and get you a great tasting meal. Although you won't find GF bread here, you will find an AMAZING wine menu :)

  • Indulge Burgers and More

    5 starsOctober 28, 2012

    10392 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

    They are AMAZING! It's really nice to see restaurants that actually understand what is necessary to actually have a gluten-free menu - and do it right! You've got to get a burger with their great GF buns, and don't forget the fries. The fries are BAKED so you don't have to ask the dreaded question, "are these fried in the same oil as something with gluten?!?!" You have to go here! http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/10/review-indulge-burgers-more-scottsdale-az/

  • Outback Steakhouse

    5 starsOctober 26, 2012

    8601 W. Cross Drive, Littleton, CO 80123

    They were SO friendly and really took the time to understand my needs. Luckily, they are all trained (at least they should be) about the gluten-free menu and what has to be modified to fit the needs of a Celiac or a gluten-sensitive person. There are so many options, it's great to eat here, and easy since they are in most places. http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/10/review-outback-steakhouse-littleton-co/

  • Hopworks Urban Brewery

    4 starsOctober 07, 2012

    2944 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

    I love the atmosphere of being in a brewery - so I was so happy to be at a brewery that understand gluten-free! They have a GF pizza and GF buns for their sandwiches and burgers. I called the manager and they said that their pizza was more subject to cross contamination because it was more difficult to have a separate prep area away from flying gluten particles, but the bread for the sandwiches was made at a bakery down the street and not as likely to be contaminated. So, I went with the sandwich and I loved it! I had a wide variety of cider and beer choices (including Omission). This place is awesome, but make sure you get a staff member that understands the ins-and-outs of gluten-free. I did, and he made my dining experience much more comfortable. http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/06/gluten-free-travel-portlandia-part-3-hopworks-urban-brewery/

  • Jade Tea House

    4 starsOctober 07, 2012

    7912 Southeast 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

    The manager (or owner?) was very knowledgeable about gluten-free food and what I could eat on their menu - which was a lot! Most of what we had was amazing, and this is exactly what I wanted, awesome gluten-free Asian food. Everything was super fresh and super tasty. I don't know how the food is prepared in the back, but it seemed like they understand what to do and how to make everything safe. They even have gluten-free desserts! I would definitely come back to Sellwood, OR just to go here. If you can find a place on the patio, you should do it, it's beautiful outside! http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/07/gluten-free-travel-portlandia-part-4-jade-tea-house/

  • Kyra's Bake Shop

    5 starsOctober 07, 2012

    599 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

    There no way that this place doesn't deserve a full 5 stars. This is the most amazing gluten-free bakery I've had a chance to visit. I'm so glad this isn't in my city, or else I'd be 500 lbs. already! Yes, the treats are very rich, but daaaaaaang they are so good! Everything I had was magnificent. You can tell that these people know how to bake gluten-free. The bars and scones that I had were some of the best ever and the donuts were spectacular. The cupcakes were awesome - but I think I actually liked the other baked goods better! And it's set in the picturesque town of Lake Oswego, a real treat. I love this place and can't wait to go back! http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/06/gluten-free-travel-portlandia-part-2-crave-bake-shop/

  • Wild Ginger

    5 starsOctober 07, 2012

    1401 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

    What an awesome place! They really knew how to work with food allergies. I have never had a server ask if I had any additional food allergies they had to work with after I told them about ordering gluten-free! They worked well with the kitchen to find something that could work for me and everything was SO tasty! http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/07/gluten-free-travel-seattle-wild-ginger/

  • Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery/Bistro

    5 starsOctober 07, 2012

    5845 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704

    We adore this place! We go EVERY time we go to Tucson. I love love love their breakfast sandwiches with their homemade english muffins! They have awesome biscuits and gravy with their great muffins again. Their french toast is great and their other breakfast items have all been great. We've been going for lunch too and I recently tried their chicken salad - that was awesome, but I love their breakfast foods so much I'll probably stick to that. Their bacon is awesome too - so they're not just a GF bakery, they're a real restaurant. If you go you HAVE TO get a baguette - they are so fresh and to die for, but they usually sell out early in the morning, so get there early! It's better than diner food, but do go and expect high-priced fancy food - that's just not what they do. It's like if your mom made gluten-free baked goods - so fresh, and so well-made, you can tell they put heart into everything they make there! http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/06/restaurant-review-gourmet-girls-gluten-free-bakery-tucson-az/

  • Eleanor's Bake Shop

    4 starsOctober 07, 2012

    9495 S 560 W, Sandy, UT 84070

    The cake pops were TO DIE FOR! SO GOOD! I really liked the muffins and the cupcakes that we purchased from here. What's weird is the arepas that they use instead of gluten-free bread for the sandwiches. Although it's tasty and a new way to experience gluten-free lunches - they are very messy, and I'd rather have it wrapped in lettuce or on bread. I think this is a great gem in SLC, but you'll have to travel all the way down to Sandy to find it - wish it was closer to downtown! http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/08/gluten-free-travel-eleanors-bake-shop/

  • nourish

    5 starsMay 23, 2012

    7147 E Rancho Vista Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    I love this place more than is healthy for one person to love a restaurant. So many amazing gluten-free choices. Everything is fresh and tasty. You're not missing out on good taste (and certainly not missing out on nutrition) by going here. Seriously, a must visit in AZ.

  • La Grande Orange Pizzeria

    5 starsMay 23, 2012

    4410 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

    Favorite gluten-free pizza hands down. Their staff is very educated about gluten-free things, and they even have more stuff on their menu (like amazing ceviche with chips that are only fried with their GF fries) that are friendly. I've asked several times and they use a different cooking tools for GF. I lovelovelove this place.

  • Pei Wei

    4 starsMay 23, 2012

    4340 E. Indian School Road Bldg. A Suite 23, Phoenix, AZ 85018

    I like Pei Wei - it's fast and cheap and satisfies my craving for Asian food. They're very accommodating with the gluten-free diet. They even make sure the edamame is cooked in a broth w/o gluten. I get the sweet and sour chicken every time. I believe they cook is separate woks too! I've always been treated so well there. They even have stickers to note that it's GF. However, they have a very limited gluten-free menu, so that's why I can't give them 5 stars! Go to PF Chang's (their big brother) for more variety.