Misty Griffin


  • Coquette's Bistro & Bakery

    5 starsMay 27, 2012

    321 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Our FAVORITE GF place! We love their food...everything is insanely tasty! You won't be disappointed!

  • Ted's Montana Grill

    3 starsMay 27, 2012

    1685 Briargate Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

    Overall a good experience. The food was good, but a bit over priced..our waitress was wonderful but we were close to the kitchen and we heard the people in the back making fun of another "gluten-free family"...kinda turned our stomachs a little bit. Price of the food is high.

  • BJ's Brewhouse

    1 starsMay 27, 2012

    5150 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

    FYI...we were at BJ's Restaurant & Brewery in Colorado Springs, CO today with my family. My kids are NOT gluten-free, but I am due to Celiac disease and my husband is to support me. We went there because we were told they were great supporters of GF patrons. When the waitress came I asked her a ? about an item on the menu and she didn't know..she took the gluten-free menu from me and proceeded to search..then she looks at me and says how about a potato because I really don't know about anything else...I said sure. Then when my husband ordered, off of the GF menu, she interrupted him and said is this an allergy or a preference? Not sure WHY she would ask that but I can say it made us VERY nervous about why she would ask that...is the food that is a "preference" going to be cross contaminated?? I ordered the sirloin...it was bland, no seasoning at all..it was supposed to have onions sauteed on top (per the menu), it didn't...I asked if they had any sauce, that was gluten-free...the man who brought out the food said he would check...he didn't. They promised my sons ketchup...we never received it and we had to ask for silverware. Overall, I was NOT impressed with the restaurant...the gluten free food was BLAND...and over all a poor experience was had by all. Just wanted to let you know...I know they claim support and endorsements by the GiG...but from my experience there are definitely BETTER GF restaurants out there!