• Red Robin

    5 starsOctober 08, 2013

    2707 Pine Lake Rd., Lincoln, NE 68516

    These people know what they are doing and if you have any concerns talk to the manger. They are always there to make sure your experience is pleasurable.

  • Grateful Greens

    4 starsOctober 08, 2013

    1451 O Street #200, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Communication is key for celiac's. I explain to them i need all clean products used to make my salad and that I'm a celiac, who is allergic to wheat, some people don't get what celiac disease is so sometimes you have to explain it.

  • Chipotle

    1 starsOctober 08, 2013

    1317 Q street #100, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

    Every time i go in its a hassle. They don't want to get new gloves, wash their hands, use new spoons. Cross contamination is way too easy. I get sick almost every time with an exception of a gentlemen getting fresh everything for me without me asking him to, all I ask was for him to wash his hands and put new gloves on and he asked me what I'm allergic to and i said i have celiac disease. He is a rare exception only ONCE did this happen.

  • Sportscasters Bar and Grill

    1 starsDecember 05, 2012

    3048 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68507

    This place was gross. They actually microwaved my burger to put the cheese on it. The bread feel apart and they don't have anything spectacular that you can't make at home.

  • Five Guys

    5 starsDecember 05, 2012

    1230 P Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Great food. Do you miss French fries?? You can have them here because they only deep fat fry death French fries. Theirs burgers are to die for also.... YUM!!!!!

  • Eazy Eatz Bakery

    5 starsNovember 28, 2012

    1401 N 56th St, Lincoln, NE 68504

    This place is not only gluten free!!!! I believe its soy free also. There is no better place to get a warm fresh cinnamon roll. The garlic bread sticks are also amazing. I can't wait for them to open the sandwich shop. Even if your not gluten free, they make the best fresh breads. MUST TRY!!

  • Sam and Louie's

    5 starsNovember 28, 2012

    1501 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68512

    Great pizza.

  • Godfather's Pizza

    1 starsSeptember 17, 2012

    5220 S. 48TH STREET, LINCOLN, NE 68516

    No good. Was sick for a week and ate one slice of pizza. Cross contamination I think is what happens they aren't educated enough to be considered gluten free.

  • Carlos O'Kelly's

    5 starsSeptember 17, 2012

    3130 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516

    Excellent food. They cater to your every gluten free need. The mangers are very well educated also which is a plus!

  • Lazlo's Brewery & Grill

    4 starsSeptember 17, 2012

    210 N 7th St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Good selection of food. I just wish they carried gluten free beer.

  • Olive Garden

    1 starsSeptember 17, 2012

    90 GATEWAY, LINCOLN NE 68505

    Got sick. For the limited things they offer I might as well stay home and made better food. Not worth it!

  • Ruby Tuesday

    3 starsJune 08, 2012

    5508 SOUTH 56TH STREET, LINCOLN, NE 68516

    Really any place is gluten free if you consider this place gluten free. To much cross contamination.

  • Sam and Louie's

    5 starsJune 08, 2012

    1332 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508

    Great tasting gluten free pizza. They also have some great gluten free beers! Yum....