• Hudson Grille

    4 starsNovember 14, 2013

    165 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10605

    We eat out here often since it's close to home. They have a GF menu and are knowledgeable, so ask your usual questions. They now have GF bread for sandwiches and burgers. I always take GlutenEase when eating out and haven't gotten sick here. Good food, nice outdoor space

  • Jason's Deli

    5 starsNovember 06, 2012

    5408 New Hope Commons Dr. #123A, Durham, NC 27707

    Absolutely amazing. Came from out of state (traveling is always stressful) and found JD on FMGF. Sorry for the long review, but I want to share as much information as possible so everybody can make an informed decision. *We showed up around lunch time on a Saturday and it was PACKED, which I was both glad to see because it meant they had good food and worried because my experience is the busier the place, the lazier/sloppier things can get. I asked for a GF menu while waiting in line and got a laminated menu including a "build your own sandwich" section. I ordered three sandwiches (hot pastrami for lunch, grilled chicken with spinach for dinner, tuna salad for breakfast the next day) *Ordering and preparation: Specified with the cashier that the sandwiches were GF. She asked "Would you like us to change our gloves?" to which I replied "Yes" and saw somebody change their gloves. Amazing. I asked where they prepare gluten free foods. They pointed out a purple plastic briefcase up on a shelf. Inside are designated materials: cutting board, utensils, etc. *The food: My boyfriend's sandwich arrived on a plate with loose chips. Mine arrived wrapped in paper held closed with the "save our butt sticker" (among other things such as where their food gets tested for allergens: "Our GF offerings are designed for those with minor gluten sensitivities or for those who prefer to avoid gluten for nutritional reasons" and not for people with Celiac disease). I'm allergic to wheat/gluten/oats (not sensitive) without Celiac. Eating out is always risky, but this place seems really on top of things. *Lunch My food came with a bag of plain Lays potato chips and a pickle slice sealed in plastic. Sandwich tasted great!! The bread kinda fell apart (which was actually a relief since I could "tell" it was GF). I usually get symptoms immediately but had NONE. Also, after the meal they have FREE soft serve ice cream which is GF! (no cone of course). I took a small plastic cup, wrapped the handle with a napkin, took a few Lactaid pills and dug in to my chocolate/vanilla swirl. ZERO SYMPTOMS. *Dinner Sandwich/bread held up really well (I think it fell apart at lunch because it was moist and hot). Again, tasted amazing! Had grilled chicken with spinach, tomato, and mayo. I'm currently craving it. NO SYMPTOMS WHATSOEVER. *Breakfast Again, sandwich held up great (which I was surprised since it was tuna salad and GF bread) and tasted great. BEWARE EGG ALLERGY: It appears as though there were some big chunks of egg whites which they didn't disclose. Not a problem for me since I'm not allergic to eggs, but for anybody with other allergies, please make sure you tell them! Again, after eating this I had ZERO symptoms. **Overall, had a wonderful experience which made my weekend in NC much more pleasurable. I hope they open more stores and come to NY! (Oh, and my boyfriend's "regular" sandwich was also great =). ) Highly recommend JD!