Kris & T


  • Azna Gluten Free

    3 starsJune 13, 2012

    2647 Cameron Park Dr, Cameron Park, CA 95682

    I was pretty psyched to visit Azna’s GF bakery because I’ve heard a lot of good things about their cakes and breads, but honestly their food did not blow my mind like I thought it would. To their credit we sorta came at a wonky time where they were running out of the fresh baked/made items. So what did eat? According to their website we had their “award winning lasagna” that is gluten and soy free. The verdict? It was okay. Not spectacular but not inedible either. Lasagna was flavorful but everything seemed a bit mushy. The bread served with the lasagna was delicious! It was a little chewy which was perfect for mopping up the lasagna sauce. The second item that we shared was the black bean wrap. And it was interesting. When you think about a “wrap” I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I personally think of a tortilla or some sort of flat bread that is wrapped around protein and veg. Well the black bean “wrap” was more like a salty short bread crust similar to pizza dough than anything else. The dessert that I ordered to share was the double chocolate brownie. It looked SO decadent and delicious behind the counter, but I think that I can speak for both for us that the brownie sadly did not rock our world :( The top layer of chocolate ganache was good but the rest of the brownie was super cake-y and gelatinous. It didn’t even taste very chocolate-y despite being called a “double chocolate brownie”. All in all, the food that we personally ordered was okay; would I order the same things again? Probably not; however, I would definitely want to try their other gluten free baked goods.

  • Mariposa Bakeshop & Cafe

    5 starsJune 13, 2012

    5427 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

    Mariposa is a strictly gluten free bakery that serves freshly made bread, baguettes, pizza, pasta, cakes, and pastries. They also serve various gfree food items for breakfast and lunch as well as offer grab n' go sandwiches if you just want to pop in and get out for a quick on the go lunch. These sell quickly though, so if you're planning to stop by and grab some lunch, it's best to come early! They also have a bread schedule so if you want a particular type of bread you can either come in that day or pre-order what you want. Breads include: baguettes, sandwich rolls, sandwich bread, focaccia, multi-grain bread, hot dog buns, rosemary rolls, and cinnamon raisin bread. We were able to try some samples, provided very generously by the owner and founder of Mariposa, and I can tell you now that the samples were so good, you can't tell it's gfree! Let me just say, their bread is INCREDIBLE! The texture is just like regular gluten filled artisan bread and the dough is soft and chewy-the way artisan bread should be. Their chocolate chip cookies are to die for. Seriously. We heard from the owner that the chocolate chip cookie recipe was being continuously tweaked for 5 years until they finally got the right balance of chewy and crunchy. That was probably the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had!

  • Korea House

    4 starsJune 13, 2012

    1620 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115

    After walking about 2 miles from the Bart to Japan Town my friend and I were pretty famished so I was SO HAPPY to stumble upon Korean House Restaurant right across the street from J Town. I was a happy girl for sure :). Korean House Restaurant is such a homey place, great for an authentic Korean meal. We were welcomed in Korean and I just wished I knew a bit more Korean to correspond back. The ban chan that they served was delicious! I had a few bites, but Celiacs should be aware that most Korean food contains wheat, at least what they serve in restaurants. The hot pepper paste (Gochujang) does contain wheat from the soy sauce and the malt or barley powder that they use. I ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap which comes served in a stone clay pot and it was piping hot! As long as you don’t add the Gochujang sauce the dish is naturally gluten free. The Bibimbap was so delicious the crusty rice that forms at the bottom of the clay pot gets super crispy and flavorful as you mix all the meats and veggies together with the raw egg! I was so excited to dig in that I forgot to take a picture when it was first brought to the table, hence, the crappy pictureL.