• Eat'n Park

    5 starsJune 21, 2012

    245 E. Waterfront Drive, Homestead, PA 15120

    I am always anxious to interrogate restaurants when they claim they are gluten free or celiac friendly, Between my husband and I we ask for tours of kitchens, talk to cooks,and read ingredient labels on their prepackaged cooking ingredients. Most of the time the food (meats and veggies) are fine and preparation is key, and usually they offer some sort of gluten free bread or bun for a fee, (usually gross) but its nice they try right? Well Eat,n Park in PA specifically lists Celiac disease on their menu, they change gloves, clean the grill completely, use different utensils (ones color coded separate for allergen cooking) and the menu has an entire section just for celiacs that is listed by breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like all of this but expected mediocre tasting food. The burger arrived, thick, juicy and dripping with cheese and bacon. The bun (my usual nemesis) I thought I simply would use as a handle to eat the burger. My first bite was divine, the bread was so soft, doughy, and held together wonderfully and didn't overshadow the juicy burger with the usual bitterness of gluten free bread. I loved it so much I asked the manager to bring out the label (he did). If you are ever in PA and would love to eat out with your family and enjoy your meal as much as you once did, go to EAT'N PARK!!! Salad bard was my side as their fryer isn't safe for fries considering they also fry breaded items in it, so they do not confidently offer it as safe.