• Siragusa's Taste of Italy

    5 starsJune 26, 2015

    2477 E Ft. Union Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

    EXCELLENT! What a nice restaurant. For diners who need to be gluten free this place is fantastic. They have a very good selection of GF items including pssta and pizza. I enjoyed the veal saltimbocca and couldn't believe how good it tasted. I haven't enjoyed this quality of Italian food since learning I was a Celiac. The chef/owner came and visited and in his conversation I learned that he has a sister who is also a Celiac and so takes this seriously. Ne also mentioned that he's working on meatballs. So I really recommend that you try this place!

  • Tsunami Restaurant & Sushi Bar

    5 starsJune 03, 2015

    10722 South River Front Parkway, South Jordan, UT 84095

    This is a fantastic restaurant! It has been a long time since I could hsve sushi and feel safe about what I was getting. We had a California and Spider rolls that were better than most of what I've had before discovering I was a Celiac. For my meal I had the teriyaki sirloin steak that wad cooked perfectly. Great overall meal. Nice GF menu. PLUS their cheese cake is also GF. What a delight! We shared a chocolate buttercream cheese cake that was fantastic! I highly recommend Tsunami.

  • Egg Harbor Cafe

    4 starsApril 04, 2015

    10270 Medlock Bridge Rd, Johns Creek, GA 30022

    Not a bad place for breakfast, offering pancakes and various egg dishes. I enjoyed one of their skillets. They seem to be aware of the GF needs, but I always have a little concern when I see a disclaimer about cross contamination. It makes me feel like I'm rolling the dice. That being said...I enjoyed the meal and would recommend it to others who need GF.

  • Jason's Deli

    1 starsJanuary 23, 2015

    184 E Winchester St, Murray, UT 84107

    I was really looking to having one of their GF sandwiches, but as I looked closely at the GF menu I saw the notice saying their menu selection was NOT recommended for someone with Celiac disease...gluten sensitive was okay. So is it really worth taking the risk? I couldn't. It's really sad!

  • Tin Roof Grill

    5 starsDecember 02, 2014

    9284 South 700 East, Sandy, UT 84070

    TRG has specific items from there regular menu that can be GF with adjustments. I had the Pad Thai Noodles. Very tasty.

  • Raglan Road Irish Pub

    5 starsJune 25, 2014

    1640 E Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836

    I enjoyed this place! Very good food. Server was very knowledgeable regarding GF foods. They didn't have a GF menu but could make 75% of their items GF, even fried foods. I enjoyed the brazed beef. Excellent flavor,; very satisfying.

  • Tushar Brazilian Express

    5 starsJanuary 15, 2014

    1078 West South Jordan Parkway, South Jordan, UT 84095

    I hadn't heard of this place, but found it to have good gluten free options at reasonable prices. Brazilian food, skewered mests (chicken, pork, beef) with a pineapple option. Oh and how about Brazilian Cheese Bread! Excellent meal!!

  • McCormick & Schmick's

    5 starsJuly 03, 2013

    145 National Plaza, Oxon Hill, MD 20745

    Their GF menu is quite abbreviated, but it contained items that were both beef and seafood. I had the prime top sirloin that came with steamed broccoli, grilled tomato and I ordered a side chopped salad. The salad was huge and very tasty with olives, tomatoes and lots of other goodies. The steak was cooked perfectly. The waiter was very aware of my gluten free requirements. Total cost of my meal before tip was $35. All in all a great experience and one I'd repeat if I were in this area again.

  • Old Ebbitt Grill

    5 starsJuly 02, 2013

    675 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

    I found this as a traveler to DC on business and was downtown after 8:00 p.m. Many of the other GF restaurants that appeared on Find Me Gluten Free were closed, but this one stayed open until 2:00 a.m. I asked for a GF menu, but was told that my waitress would take care of me. The waitress didn't have a specific gluten free menu, but she was versed enough to be able to tell me which items on their regular menu were gluten free. I ordered the Wild Salmon. It was delivered to me separately so as to avoid contamination. The meal was GREAT as was the price (very reasonable for being a quarter mile or less from the Whitehouse!! Just missed out on enjoying their sourdough bread served with the meal. I highly recommend this place to other travelers or locals.

  • Freshii

    4 starsJuly 02, 2013

    182 Waterfront Street, Fort Washington, MD 20745

    They have three items on their menu (rice bowls) that are listed as gluten free. I had the Wrangler with chicken. The meal was very tasty, fresh, and I felt fairly confident that it was safe to eat.

  • Salsa Leedos Mexican Grill

    1 starsMarch 09, 2013

    3956 W 13400 S, Riverton, UT 84065

    While the menu has certain items that can be gluten free, in questioning the waiter I'm not really sure just how safe the food is. I was told that the chips served with salsa are cooked on site, but it wasn't clear if the fryer used was dedicated for gluten free foods. I also had concerns about the staff's training about handling gluten free foods to avoid cross contamination. The food wasn't all that exciting. I had the carnitas, which didn't have much flavor. What flavor it had was overpowered by the green sauce on top. Not one of my best, or worry-free (about gluten free) eating experiences.

  • Asian Star

    5 starsAugust 11, 2012

    7588 Union Park Ave, Midvale, UT 84047

    An excellent meal...great food! The back of their menu has the GF offerings. I've eaten several of the GF options and they've all been great. You need to tell the waitress you need to have GF. They'll also bring you some San-J Tamari, which is great GF soy sauce. You can't go wrong here!!

  • Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse

    5 starsAugust 08, 2012

    33 E 11400 S, Sandy, UT 84020

    This waa excellent BBQ! The GF menu includes a pulled meats (pork, beef, chicken, turkey) as well as pork ribs. They have a BBQ sauce (which I did't try) and a pork sauce that are GF. The pork sauce is really good...nice flavor and tangy. I think it would work on othe meats as well. I also enjoyed the potato salad and BBQ beans with my pulled pork and ribs. You need to let them know you need GF and tell them no roll. They accidentally added a roll to mine, but were nice about remaking my meal. I look forward to another outting to Sonny Bryan's

  • Smoky Mountain

    5 starsAugust 08, 2012

    1850 E 9400 S, Sandy, UT 84092

    Very good pizza! The size is about 10.5 inches (I hope to add a photo), with a wide variety of toppings. The crust is thin and not heavy. I received mine with the pan in which the pie was cooked. I was told that they prepare the GF pies in a different location. The price is the cost charged for a medium pizza. All in all it was very tasty and worth the price.

  • Astro Burgers

    4 starsJuly 11, 2012

    6863 S State St, Midvale, UT 84047

    Eating at Astro Burger was a good experience. I decided to try the place after reading the reviews. I was very delighted to find one more place that served GF. I got the double cheese burger, and even though they said they had GF buns I wasn't expecting much out of the bun. I found a place while on vacation in Atlanta, GA that had GF buns, but their bun fell apart before I was half through. But the Astro bun wss fantastic in taste, texture, and durability. I actually thought I was given a regular bun by mistake. It was light, chewie, with no graininess. The meat was charbroiled, which wss flavorful, but a little dry. They have a GF devoted fryer, which was great. The fries aren't freshly made, but they were good. I talked to the on-duty manager about the buns as I left, and told him how great thier GF bun was. He told me that he'd gladly sell me the buns at his cost if I wanted some. It would definitely be worth the expense (probably $1 to $1.50 each), which isn't too far from the ones I've seen sold as hamburger buns it in stores, but which weigh more and are more dense. Overall a very good experience. My rating of 4 stars is only because I considered the meat a bit too dry, but still tasty. (7-10-12)

  • Your Pie

    5 starsJuly 07, 2012

    625 W Crossville Rd, Roswell, GA 30075

    My 2nd time at a Your Pie, but first at this location. I took some time talking to the staff this time about their GF pies. I was told that the GF pies are preformed and come in the container that's placed in the oven, which keeps it from being contaminated when cooked. That's a very good way to do it. I was a little disappointed that this location's Italian sausage wasn't GF. But the end results were still great. I appreciated the friendliness of the staff at this location. When they had the time they would circulate amongst the customers to see how everything was...something you don' t see often at this kind of establishment. Overall another great experience!! I just wish there were Your Pie in the Salt Lake City area.

  • Ted's Montana Grill

    5 starsJuly 07, 2012

    5165 Peachtree Pkwy #205, Norcross, GA 30092

    Nice cozy environment...great food! This was my first visit. They GF menu has many choices. I hand the Bison KC Strip Steak, which was perfectly cooked. Good vegies and baked potato. I didn't encounter any problems ordering GF, the staff seemed accustomed to serving our needs. If you have the chance to eat at a TMG don't miss it!!

  • Cheeseburger in Paradise

    4 starsJuly 03, 2012

    1230 Ashford Crossing, Atlanta, GA 30346

    Quite a novelty to finally be able to order a hamburger that has a bun AND is gluten free! This was my first time here and I looked forward to enjoying a hamburger. The waitress assured me that they prepared items that are gluten free in a separate area of the kitchen and were very careful to avoid cross contamination. They have a killer appetizer: Loaded Potato Chips that are GF. They make their chips, cover them with cheese, bacon bits, diced tomato, chopped green onion, with sour cream...really fantastic. I had the Ceddar Bacon Burger (comes with fries) on a GF bun. It was huge! The bun was light, didn't weigh a ton, but about half way through it began to disintegrate, but the non-GF buns were doing the same. I ended with the banana pooding dessert that was a real winner (they leave out the coconut and Nilla Wafers). There are quite a few other GF items on their menu. The price is very reasonable (you pay $1.00 extra for the GF bun). I'd highly recommend this one to all who've really wanted to have a great burger in a fun atmosphere.

  • Your Pie

    5 starsJuly 01, 2012

    110 W Bryan St, Savannah, GA 31401

    Talk about GREAT gluten-free pizza, this is definitely the place! First here are some of the mechanics: tell them you need gluten- free; you have a choice of about 5 basic sauces; you have a wide variety of toppings, including sausage (they've started using a new source for this that is now GF), including many fresh vegies; GF pizzas are prepared in the back with uncontaminated items. I was a little worried when I first started my order, but was told that the GF pizzas was assembled in a totally different area. The crust is thin, crisp, and quite tasty. Pizzas size is medium, but the same size as non-GF pies. This is the BEST GF pizza I've had since I found out I had Celiac.

  • Carrabba's

    2 starsJune 30, 2012

    155 SR 312 West, St. Augustine, FL 32086

    This was a disappointment. This is an Italian grill and many of the menu items are grilled. The problem is the baste they use has gluten; they don't have a dedecated gluten-free grill, so there's a big chance for cross contamination. You should search for non-grilled items. I had Polla Rosa Maria with salad and garlic mash potatoes. I was disappointed with the meal. I expected more flavor from the lemon sauce. The chicken was over cooked...dry and somewhat tough. There aren't many choices in St Augustine, so this might be a choice for a different place to eat. My wife's nongluten-free meal was lackluster ad well.

  • Five Guys

    4 starsJune 29, 2012

    200 CBL Drive, Suite 102, St. Augustine, FL 32086

    I thought the burger I ordered was very tasty (cheese burger with fried onions and mushrooms). The burger was wrapped in foil with no plate, which made it a bit challenging to eat. They do have forks and knives to cut the burger, but you have to be careful not to cut through th foil. They did take precautions to avoid contamination. It appears that they cook the meat on one grill and toast the buns on another. The fries were great. So if you want a bun bring your own, and a small paper plate to prevent a mess.

  • Uno Chicago Grill

    5 starsJune 27, 2012

    12553 State Road 535, Orlando, FL 32836

    I was very impressed with the variety of gf items...including pizza. I had the stuffed chicken breast with red mashed potatoes and roasted vegies. Great flavor tl the food. I plan on having the pizza on my next visit.