Misty Post



  • Mango Tree Thai Bistro

    5 starsApril 18, 2015

    10130 Grant Road, Houston, TX 77070

    The server knew exactly what we could eat, and it was delicious: Pad Thai lunch special. The Tom Kai is also gluten free, as well as the curries. Absolutely delicious!

  • Red Gravy

    5 starsMarch 05, 2015

    125 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130

    Yes! Yes! Yes! We had breakfast here, and it was fresh and delicious! After breakfast, we broke protocol to have a nice dessert of almond cake. It's never too early for cake! We wanted to come back for the GF pasta and ravioli a but errands tied us up until they closed. We'll definitely be back. The owner was friendly and approached us about our needs. The server was a friendly one that made our meal pleasant.

  • Meals From The Heart

    5 starsMarch 05, 2015

    1100 N Peters St, New Orleans, LA 70116

    I highly recommend eating here! The food was fresh and delicious, and unquestionably gluten free! The owner was very knowledgable of the gluten free requirements. He was friendly and explained that the establishment started out as a heart healthy option, but found an easy adaptation to gluten free for many of their items after their first year. The food is delicious and oh so fresh! We really enjoyed the crab cake tacos and tilapia tacos. My husband ordered gumbo, too, but after only one of the crab cake tacos, I was satisfied. My daughter loves the gf brownie. Best news yet? They will ship the crab cakes and gumbo to YOU! AND THEY HAVE A GF KING CAKE! I didn't think I'd ever taste one again.

  • Bullritos Champions

    5 starsDecember 26, 2014

    16000 Stuebner Airline Road, Spring, TX 77379

    I don't know if I am just burnt out on Chipotle or what, but I really like this place! My favorite are the crunchy tacos!

  • Torchy's Tacos

    5 starsDecember 01, 2014

    10123 Louetta Rd #1400, Houston, TX 77070

    Love the tacos here. We have our own menu too, which makes ordering easy! Delicious!

  • Bambu Desserts & Drinks

    5 starsNovember 07, 2014

    3010 Gears Rd, Houston, TX 77067

    Only fresh juices for the smoothies with tapioca bubbles.

  • Nectar Cafe And Juice Bar

    1 starsOctober 03, 2014

    111 Neils Alley, Lewes, DE 19958

    We started looking forward to this experience before we even hit town! My daughter and I needed GF. She ordered the GF Monte Cristo. When it arrived, it was beautiful! Unfortunately, that beautiful sandwich was NOT GF. I had to keep my 14 year old from tearing up at the table. Seem silly? It's been 5 years since she's had a Monte Cristo, and it was her favorite. I ordered the breakfast sandwich. Within minutes of leaving the restaurant, I'm looking for a restroom in this quaint little tourist town . . . I'm trying to make it to the hotel so we can get on the road. Not going to be a good day on the road.

  • Selma's Texas Barbecue

    5 starsJuly 15, 2014

    9155 University Boulevard, Coraopolis, PA 15108

    This place is great! They have educated themselves down to hydrolyzed yeast! ; ) Separate fryers for the fries. All meat is delicious and GF! BBQ sauces for us are very limited. Basically, we can have a Carolina Mustsrd BBQ sauce, which I didn't think I would like at all, but it was really good! Be sure to ask for the Alabama white sauce too. It's not on the table - and is used primarily for fowl, but I liked it a lot too! (And used it on all of the meats, as well.)

  • The Stingray CafĂ©

    5 starsMay 31, 2014

    520 South Front Street, New Bern, NC 28562

    Speak with the owner! He will make sure that your food is gluten free. This place is awesome! This is where the locals eat seafood!

  • Savage's Wood Burning Pizzeria

    5 starsMay 31, 2014

    2116 Trent Road, New Bern, NC 28560

    10" GF with 1 topping: $9.95Pretty good!

  • K.D.'s Fresh Garden Market

    5 starsMay 31, 2014

    2500 Trent Road, New Bern, NC 28562

    This is a small market with grocery items, fresh produce and a variety of GF items! Loaves of bread either fresh (if you get there on delivery day) or in the freezer! Check it out!

  • Eden

    4 starsMarch 21, 2014

    735 Copeland St, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

    Delicious, fresh food! We tried the GF waffles, which were good, but very cake-like and thick. If I had never had the fluffy GF, they would have been fantastic. We also had omelets and the breakfast burrito.

  • ZAZA Fine Salad + Wood-Oven Pizza Co.

    5 starsMarch 17, 2014

    1050 Ellis Ave #110, Conway, AR 72032

    Most salads are GF. Trendy, tasty place to eat. GF Pizza Crust too. Staff was knowledgeable and ready to look up if there were questions.

  • Fresh

    5 starsMarch 02, 2014

    326 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 2R7

    First night in Toronto and we found this restaurant. Yay! They wince at the use of the words "gluten free," but they know exactly what you can eat. Our server explained that their kitchen is not free of all gluten but they would do their best. Their best was enough!The food is creative in flavor so if you are not adventuresome when it comes to reading a menu, you may be intimidated, but the wait staff will put you at ease. We each had the soup, cornbread, and salad combo. My husband and daughter had to order extra plates of cornbread before the kitchen closed. Wonderfully fresh!

  • Simply Falafel

    5 starsFebruary 10, 2014

    343 South Blackwelder Avenue, Edmond, OK 73034

    Amazing! Be sure to ask for the owner if the person working the counter seems unsure. Heck, ask for the owner anyway! He is a delight. He came to our table, asking what things we liked and then proceeded to tell us that he would make up a platter so that we could try different things. It was all delicious, but I especially liked the Ceasar salad with homemade dressing and the falafel! The chicken swarma was probably my favorite entree. The owner will even go out of his way to help you enjoy your meal. One customer has an allergy to iodized salt so he bought sea salt and she calls in her order so they make it special with the sea salt. As for GF bread? He is trying different ones to see which is best. He said it is expensive, but "it is worth it." What? What restaurant owners say this? My husband would eat Mexican food every meal, but we came here two nights in a row on a business trip. We plan on coming for lunch before heading out!

  • Zoes Kitchen

    5 starsJanuary 20, 2014

    3701 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098

    My family decided that the GF restrictions were not enough for us, so we decided to give our liver a break and try a month of vegetarian. I was not expecting to like it. We are gluten free out of necessity, by the way. The restaurant was so very clean; the staff was friendly and accommodating. The tomato bisque soup was so delicious that I had to have another cup. My husband's favorite was the potato salad and my daughter's the white beans. Definitely coming back!

  • Tablefields

    3 starsDecember 18, 2013

    1117 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC 29607

    I should have given this restaurant a lower rating, but the food was fresh and delicious - so worth an extra star. The reason I would have given it a 2? Out of the three GF meals, 2 were gluten. My salad came with a slice of bread that had I not asked, could have been mistaken for GF. After asking if my husband's shrimp and grits was GF, they checked and said yes. It came to the table with a bit of gravy in the center. It was a thin, starch based gravy or so it seemed. I'm not sure what made me ask about the plate being GF again, but I did. Call it paranoia but it pays off. The gravy was NOT gf after all. When I mentioned it, the salad was tossed out completely. My husband kept his meal since he was only going GF so I could try it. Again, beautiful, fresh food but be careful, check and double-check!

  • Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q

    4 starsDecember 02, 2013

    70 Sonny's Way, Somerset, KY 42501

    Good salad bar. Ribs were okay. Great allergen list and they didn't look at you like you are nuts when you request gluten free.

  • Subway

    4 starsNovember 07, 2013

    810 Hurst Street, Center, TX 75935

    Gluten free buns at Subway! We ate there this evening. Each bun is individually wrapped and a disposable knife is used fresh with each order. You have to do your research on what you can order in terms of meats, etc, but still worth it to have yet another option in the GF world! Some Subway's even have GF brownies! Not this one.

  • Miller's Country Market

    5 starsNovember 07, 2013

    County Road 4037, Timpson, TX 75975

    Miller's is a family owned business. They are well aware of Celiac and Gluten Intolerance. Many products in a GF section, and if you ask in the deli, most all of their items are GF! Great place!

  • NacBurger

    4 starsNovember 07, 2013

    3205 North University Drive, Nacogdoches, TX 75965

    Seems strange that only 1 place in a college town would offer GF, but this is the one! Great burger and awesome fries! The staff could be a bit more knowledgable, but I believe that will come in time. Delicious!

  • Outback Steakhouse

    2 starsOctober 22, 2013

    460 Washington Road, Washington, PA 15301

    I ordered a Steakhouse Salad. I received the equivalent of an iceberg "bag" salad as from the grocery store with a steak on top. When I asked about the missing cinnamon pecans, tomatoes, and red onion, I was told those items were all left off of my salad because they were not gluten free. I mentioned that the tomatoes and red onions were definitely gluten free and the cinnamon pecans are listed as gluten free on their menu. I handed the menu to the server so she could consult with the chef on it. She brought out little cups containing 2 of the 3 missing ingredients. She forgot the red onions. Unfortunately, I was 2/3 finished with my meal by the time the consultation was done. My husband was actually completely through with his so the little cups were unnecessary. I was very kind and polite in case any are wondering. Still, no apologies, no manager to come over, etc. Very disappointed.

  • Little E's Pizzeria

    5 starsSeptember 15, 2013

    807 Highland Ave, Greensburg, PA 15601

    Great place! Good GF fare. Huge selection. Kinda pricey.

  • Sharp Edge Sewickley Bistro

    1 starsSeptember 07, 2013

    510 Beaver St, Sewickley, PA 15143

    If you only want a GF beer, this is your place! I was told the server would be able to provide us with our GF options. It went downhill from there. The server's knowledge of gluten consisted of bread. He went to get the chef so I harbored hope. The chef's first question was, "Okay, so exactly how sensitive to gluten are you?" at which point he raised one hand over his head and lowered the other to below his waist. This question always amuses me as I am Celiac and my daughter is intolerant. He proceeded to tell me that there are some people so sensitive to gluten that they will DIE within 30 minutes. Really, Chef? I tried to set things right, but he - as you might think - didn't appreciate the effort. Menu options are limited to salad or burgers without buns - no fries, and if you choose another side because you can't eat the one offered (cross-contaminated fries), you are up charged. My husband said he would rather someone be ignorant and careful, assuming I might die. My response is - how knowledgable is the chef on tricky items like soy sauce, if he was so off on the basics. This kind of ignorance makes for an anxious meal where it is hard to relax and enjoy the meal.

  • Las Olas Taqueria

    2 starsJuly 19, 2013

    356 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH 03842

    Chipotle copycat but nowhere near the same taste. Rice and beans were hard; guacamole was extra, of course, but was more of a thin consistency. There were several awards on the walls and door. Maybe it has more to do with my being raised on Mexican food closer to the border in the South? Not good at all. I gave them two stars instead of one just for catering to gluten free, but wouldn't eat here again even if I lived here (passing through on vacation).

  • Mr. Mac's

    5 starsJuly 12, 2013

    497 Hooksett Rd, Manchester, NH 03104

    This was Fantastic! We are on vacation and traveling through Vermont and New Hampshire to arrive in Maine. Using this app, I found this place and drove 60 miles round trip out of the way. It was worth it! We even got an order to go. I had the Chicken Bacon Ranch; my daughter ordered the Classic, and my husband had the The Big Easy, which he enjoyed due to the spiciness. We all ate GF even though husband doesn't have to. Delicious! Thank you for this option. It's been years!

  • D&K's Jamaica Grocery & Deli

    4 starsJuly 11, 2013

    3816 Rte 30, Jamaica, VT 05343

    This was an out of the way country store with a deli in the back. The lady behind the counter was friendly. The food consists of turkey breast on toasted Udi's bread with whatever vegetables you choose. So why the four stars? The charm of the place and the $5 simple, but delicious sandwich!