• Donatos

    2 starsJuly 08, 2012

    4238 Morse Road, Columbus, OH 43230

    It was pizza toppings on a plate. Which is what I would get if I picked the toppings off to avoid the dough anyway. Nothin special. With so many gluten free crust options out there now (dominos has one now) its kind of a shame they haven't tried anything else. Plus the no dough pizza costs more than if you got a regular pizza. That doesn't make any sense

  • Cherbourg Bakery

    5 starsJuly 08, 2012

    541 S Drexel Ave, Columbus, OH 43209

    Absolutely fabulous!!!!! I called ahead to make sure they weren't sold out. Or any good bakery it's a must. I was so happy! Haven't been able to eat donuts for 4+ years but Cherbourg bakery lets me! Too bad I live in mn. I brought 3 more goodies home with me tho