A&J Bakery

Review by Julie

1458 Park Ave, Cranston, RI 02920
10 months ago

This place is hit or miss for me. There are many things I absolutely love, which is why it’s so surprising how some things are just inedible. I am here about once a week, the pizza strips and spinach pies are my favorite, very tasty. I also really love in the freezer section, the mozzarella sticks, (although I find the cooking instructions are no where close), they are quite tasty, as is the frozen pizza and bagels. They also have incredible biscotti, and I love that they have an assorted flavor box. Their cookies are also very good. I have not liked any cupcake, cake, bread, or rolls they sell. They are all dry, crumbly, and flavorless. I’ve tried their banana bread and needed up throwing it away because it was drier than sawdust. I just bought some chocolate donuts and they are extremely dry as well. I will continue to come here regularly and buy the items that I love. They have some other products they sell that are great such as the pasta and the pannetone at Christmas.