Review of Agra Culture Kitchen & Press

721 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116

Overall Rating


I got very sick. Will not be eating here again. I ate some sort of stir fry bowl with tofu and had a chai latte.

My sister (also celiac) had banana pancakes, a chocolate chip cookie, and hot chocolate. She didn’t get sick but seems to not react as much as I do particularly to CC (also I had stir fry, she had pancakes, maybe hers was safe?).

When I went to order my food, I said I have celiac (then said gluten allergy because the person seemed confused and sometimes restaurants recognize that more), and asked for my order to be marked or flagged for the kitchen and to ask the kitchen to keep my food separate, change gloves and whatnot. The man at the register said “we don’t do that.” My sister ordered maybe 10 minutes after I did as she arrived later and said the same thing I did, and he said “yeah I’ll go let the kitchen know.” She then asked him why my food wasn’t flagged when I asked (he hadn’t realized we were there together), and he said he did talk to the kitchen about my order, but “we don’t have a button for that” (ie to flag orders GF). I’m not sure if it’s a person issue (the person working the day I went that maybe didn’t understand) or if this is a general communication issue within the restaurant, but I didn’t feel safe after ordering my food because I felt like they didn’t have a good protocol in letting the kitchen know.

Still gave 2/5 stars because if you’re GF but not celiac/super sensitive this is a lovely place, they had a lot of options, and the food was really good. My sister who has celiac also did not get sick, but I did, so there’s that to consider.

Celiac friendly?


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