Agua Verde

Review by Sara

1303 Northeast Boat Street, Seattle, WA 98105
2 years ago
Not celiac friendly

The only reason why I gave a 1-star review was to make sure Celiacs are aware that this place is not safe and can’t ever be safe, according to my lovely gluten-intolerant server there. I sat down and was so excited to enjoy my favorite type of food which I’ve yet to eat at a restaurant since getting my Celiac diagnosis. Boy, I’m telling you, I was EXCITED. When the server approached, I did my normal “I’m a Celiac, [insert brief explanation here], can you accommodate” stuff as to not waste anyone’s time and she asked how “bad” I was. I told her I might be at the highest end of the effects scale and she said, straight out, “Don’t eat here. There’s flour flying everywhere back there. I’d hate for you to get sick because you ate here.” So, if I had it any other way, I’d rate it a 5 for honesty, but, for the sake of quick-scanning Celiacs looking for some delicious Mexican food, please, for the sake of your health and gut and sanity, don’t eat here.